Review: Judge Dredd #10

Dredd left us fighting for his sane mind in a mirror maze set up by Woodrell and his boys. He escapes to find an unlikely partner, Dannn. We met Dannn a while back and didn’t really know what part he would play in the comic. All we know is that he has eyes all over his face that see the different outcomes of the future. Pretty cool talent if you didn’t have eyeballs sitting all over your face. Makes for some challenging staring contests. I quite enjoy Dannn and his unique qualities. Dredd decides to use him in order to help fight back Woodrell. Since this issue ends the whole Woodrell experience I thought it would be more of a bang. It left me wondering why they even went back to explore/finish this plot line. The story felt disconnecting with last issue. I think they wanted to bring Woodrell back in order to build the relationship with Dannn and Dredd. That worked but it left the rest of the story open for dullness. I guess that is what I am trying to say. All comics have boring issues, and here I felt bored reading this issue. I wasn’t entertained and I never can get into anything that seems like a chore to do.

Jdredd-10-pr-1Both Dredd and Dannn want to get back at Woodrell, so they get back to the amusement park late at night in order to mess with the rides. Dannn must find a DNA sample of Woodrell, while Dredd fights off the disfigured boys. Dredd fights off some of the boys, but it was more of him having flashbacks as to what Dannn told him would be the ultimate outcome; Dredd dies. Dredd thinks long and hard on what to do in order to bring the unexpected result. Dannn makes a weird ass discovery about Woodrell and why the park is full of his followers. It is pretty messed up, but most times with comics the more messed up it is the cooler it is. Honestly, this part interests me a lot, but they sweep over the story too fast. I wanted an explanation to how this was happening and why it is happening. Trust me, once you read this you will know what I am talking about and be wondering the same thing.

Last review, I mentioned that Dredd may be wandering between different groups out in limbo and I think my prediction has come true with how this issue ends. Looks like he is going to be in limbo for a while. I do wish the story would mention every once in a while why he is in limbo, because his purpose is fading and that is so unlike Dredd; to not stay focused. Next week’s cover features Judge Anderson though, so they should be bringing back the true purpose and hopefully her character. I have missed their interactions. Although I do enjoy this new partnership with Dannn. He is funny which offers something different in the Dredd world. All together I would pass over this issue because I don’t think anything that happened relates to what is about to happen. It is tough to have that horizontal flow in the entire comic.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Duane Swierczynski

Artist: Nelson Daniel

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 8/21/13