Review: Judge Dredd #8

Dude the covers for this issue are rad. I always can dig a comic when it has a cover that draws my attention right from the get go. Considering how graphic the Judges can be, Nelson Daniel does the perfect mix of cartoon aspects mixed with real violence. That is what I like to call badass skills. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the colors are so rich. It only adds another layer to the story. Dredd picks up with going to each family explaining how their relative is now a clone. Of course most families just can’t believe him until their relative blows up on them. Yep, literally explodes all over. Needless to say this town is in the shit hole and needs some serious saving. Hey that is what this issue is about.

Anderson and Dredd are trying to find out why The Circuit Court, a group of terrorists, is cloning these citizens in the first place. Both find out that this group is bigger than they thought. And both find out from different sources that the group is trying to destroy to Mega-City One in order to rebuild a better city. I love how each character finds out the truth. Anderson uses her psychic abilities and Dredd uses his physical abilities. It is funny and shows how different these two characters are. Ok I am not going to lie, but this sound like a good plan. The city does need a revamp until we realize that this group is cloning some of its people in order to make them better humans. These humans will then start a new race. The real humans are being taken beyond the city. I don’t know what happens to the humans but I am guessing they go nuts or get killed instantly.

JDredd_08-pr-1Dredd must now go beyond Mega-City One into what I assuming will be limbo. This land also holds no law. So what will a Judge do in land where he can’t judge? I have no idea but I am stoked to see how this plays out. We don’t really know if Anderson will be in his head either. I wish she was going with him, because these two make the story tens time better but oh well. It is an interesting concept too because what really is the law? Law is made by man and man is flawed, so laws are flawed. Dredd must now take on the role of a human making human judgement. There is no law for him to abide, so he can’t say his rulings are from a judge. Yeah this is going to be good.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Duane Swierczynski

Artist: Nelson Daniel

Publisher: IDW Publishing and 2000 AD

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 6/26/13