Review: Judge Dredd Classics #1

Dude this classic from Dredd is pretty freakin’ cool. When I first decided to review it, I thought it would be another redone comic but with color. Sometimes these comics can get annoying. A lot of that is going around. Although the idea is exhausted this comic ruled. I have said this before and only recently started to get into Judge Dredd. I watched the movie and that was my only experience. I needed more. So never having read the classics of Dredd I can say they still live up to the name. This classic starts us at a big story arc in Mega-City called Block Mania. I dig the colors and they didn’t feel forced or looked updated. It just looked like Dredd. Charlie Kirchoff is the man to thank for the revamp on coloring. When watching old movies or reading old comics, sometimes the futuristic plot lines are not so far stretched any more. In the case with this comic, I felt like it was a new Dredd story. I don’t know how this classic still holds ground today, but I am glad that is does.

JDredd_Classics_01-pr-1Ok so anyway, two major blocks, Dan Tanna and Enid Blyton, start a Block War. It all starts with an ice cream or frozen yogurt, the exact reporting was unclear, being thrown at Ms. Dreepe by some people from City Block Blyton. The town holds an annual meeting and the group is ready for war. Like I said lots of built up anger. The town wants a war but cannot decide who to fight. Ms. Dreepe suggests Blyton. Now we have a real angst going on.

Side note: I find it funny that one Block’s name is Betty Crocker. Now-a-days, it would be called Paula Dean Block and they would prolong your death with high cholesterol and Type 2 diabetes all while never using racial slurs.

All the cities are starting to fight and Dredd along with the other Judges must stop the Block Wars. Dredd uses pure force and then even Stumm Gas to try and stop the people. Nothing seems to be working. Even the Judges start joining the other Blocks in the fight. Dredd can tell that something is wrong and senses that Max Normal will be his key, since Max hasn’t gone crazy. Dredd and a few of his Judges must now take Mega-City for their own. Dredd decides upon some rash decisions that kill people but he feels it worth the risk.

I have never heard of such an outbreak happen over a delicious treat but I wouldn’t put it above us. We love our sweets. A lot happened in this issue and I was excited to keep reading on. This is only the first part so the conclusion will have to wait. I will be waiting though. The action is intense and worth the reread or for first timers like me. I suggest grabbing some Menchie’s and sitting down on a hot summer day to read this. That is what I did and I didn’t throw my treat on some hag.

Score: 4/5

Writers: John Wagner & Alan Grant

Artists: Mike McMahon and Ron Smith

Publisher: IDW Publishing and 2000AD

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 7/10/13