Review: Judge Dredd - Classics #8

Classics #8 concludes the fan favorite Apocalypse War story arc written in 1982. Issue #8 completes the story in chapters 21-25 and it is displayed exactly as it was originally in its comic strip format with only new coloring added to the mix.  It is a true reissue. The Apocalypse War concludes in grand and massive casualty inducing fashion as Dredd and a small team of now soldier/judges have hijacked a vessel and are going into the belly of the beast by entering East Meg One to execute a plan in hopes of at least striking a final blow before their defeat. What do they have in mind??? Well, Apocalypse War is a very suitable title as it's a no holds barred and merciless plan to make sure that the East Meggers know who they are dealing with. The death here is epic and in the billions if Dredd and his band succeed.

But even if success occurs, Meg City One is still under the occupation of a truly formidable enemy and tyrant in one War Marshal Mad Dog Kazan. Whether Dredd's plan succeeds or fails, it is certain that Mad Dog will not stop in his relentless pursuit of victory no matter who or what might get in his way. All answers are revealed at the end of this issue and nothing will ever be the same when it is over.

JudgeDredd_CLASSICS08_cvrAThis comic has been a masterful reissue with the conclusion saving the best for last. It has everything you would want in a conclusion issue… Action... Suspense... Drama... and CONCLUSION. Everything is final here with John Wagner and Alan Grant pulling no punches and leaving no stone unturned. They finished this thing all right and finished it well. It is by far the best of the series.

I have enjoyed this classic reissue and I am kind of sad to see it completed. It has been that fun to me. The overall story has been wonderful with the new coloring being a perfect enhancement. The real nice part of this particular story has been seeing Judge Dredd in an entirely different element. We see the soldier side of Dredd and he proves to be an exceptional one as he blends a mixture of heroics and smarts to meet his end game.

The writing of John Wagner and Alan Grant (credited as T.B. Grover) may be over 30 years old, but it is as fresh as ever with Carlos Ezquerra’s artwork being nothing short of iconic in depicting the classic Judge. Tom Mullin's new coloring is what you would call the icing on the cake.  Now it's over, but the aftertaste of this tale will resonate for a while. I loved it.

Score: 5/5

Writers: John Wagner & Alan Grant Artist: Carlos Ezquerra Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $3.99 Release Date: 2/5/14