Review: Jughead #5

The latest issue of the new Jughead series has our titular character investigating the mysterious Principal Stranger who has taken over his school and overall sucked the fun out of the Riverdale High experience. I’m new to the Archie universe so I had to do a little catch up to get ready for this issue, but when I started reading it I was able to follow pretty easily. In this issue Jughead leads a crusade to expose the evil takeover of his high school by Principal Stranger.  He’s turned the everyday joy of being a student into being a soldier in training at a high security military camp. The struggle is real. Unfortunately none of Jughead or his friends’ parents will believe them. This forces our hero to take matters into his own hands. The gang’s search for answers leads them to the town of Sunnyside, a town similar but also different from Riverdale. What they find there is hilarious and something you’ll have to see for yourself.

Jughead #5Jughead is an enjoyable character to read because he never holds back how he’s feeling and even if he doesn’t say it verbally his expression says it all. The dialogue here is really strong and has the type of dialect you’d expect from a group of teenagers. It’s fun and filled with witty one-liners. Not only are the interactions between Jughead and the gang fun they provide nostalgia to the high school days when high school was the only thing I had to worry about.

The artwork is excellent and highlighted by the vibrant coloring. I like that it’s done with variety in every page. This is a book that gives a lot to the reader. There are small details in every page that you’ll miss if you’re not looking for them. Although there’s a constant amount of activity it never feels jumbled.

If you’re new to Archie like myself and you enjoy humorous books that take place in a kind of real world then you’ll enjoy this book. With so many new comic books going over the top to achieve readership it’s refreshing to read a book that relies on being smart and fun. I highly recommend this as a great jumping on point to the Archie universe.

[button btn_url="" btn_color="teal" btn_size="large" btn_style="default" btn_outlined="no" link_target="blank" link_rel="" icon_left="" icon_right=""]Score: 4/5[/button]

Jughead #5 Writer: Chip Zdarsky Artist: Erica Henderson Publisher: Archie Comics Price: $3.99 Release date: 3/30/16 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital