Review: Kill Shakespeare: The Tide of Blood #4

Every time I read The Tempest I learn to hate Prospero more and more. He is evil and I don’t know why Shakespeare gave him his closing speech in The Tempest anyway. I like the version of him in this comic. I think a lot of people would agree that Prospero is rotten and secretly wish him to be more rotten so people could see what we do. Also, Prospero’s character in the comic fits perfectly because he wants the power of Shakespeare because his magic isn’t good enough. He is too arrogant to ever admit this about his power, but still seeks out Shakespeare’s. We get our first mention of Ferdinand, Miranda’s husband in The Tempest. Miranda mentions him when Prospero is torturing Hamlet. Miranda wants to keep Hamlet as some sort of pet because of Ferdinand’s banishment. She also wants to get off this island, the only world she has ever known. Prospero promises her that she will get what she wants in good time. I think in parent talk that means never. Can we say creepy? He clearly holds all this power over his own daughter and will not let her be with anyone. I don’t think anything is happening I am just saying that he has some bad purpose for her as well as everyone who is on his island.

KillShakes_04-pr-1We then run into Juliet as she runs into yours truly, Ferdinand and Caliban’s mother, Sycorax. They are not humans but trees planted on the island to live there forever. They both hate Prospero and tell Juliet of how he banished both of them to live as trees. In the play, Sycorax is only mentioned and believed to have died before the play takes place. I think it is cool how this comic twists that idea around and makes it Prospero’s fault and also it shows how Prospero is using Caliban too.

Romeo is off with Lady Macbeth disguised as Miranda. She is telling Romeo that he must murder Hamlet in order to get what he wants, Juliet’s love. Lady Macbeth doesn’t feel bad about this action because she tells Prospero that she is only giving Romeo what he wants and I have to agree. He is in love with Juliet and can’t forgive Hamlet for stealing her love. Lady Macbeth tells us that murder and love is a thin line. Needless to say they all met up during this issue and it is an epic showdown. The elements this comic brings out in all its characters is pretty sweet.

I love this comic and how it asks question that I think Shakespeare would be proud of. It s a good story filled with life’s questions. It makes me think and talk about it with friends. That is the purpose to reading for me. This comic is perfect for Shakespeare fans or English lovers. I should really start to read the other series of Kill Shakespeare.

Score: 4/5

Writers: Conor McCreery and Anthony Del Col Artist: Andy Belanger Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $3.99 Release Date: 5/29/13