Review: Kill Shakespeare: The Tide of Blood #5

“The Tide of Blood” brings everything a good Shakespeare has; blood, sex, drama, magic, and always, always girly men… no I am just kidding.  These comics have risen to grace and respect from me. I’d love to do a huge teaching unit on Shakespeare and have these comics to help bring in some new perspectives. It has to be hard to adapt Shakespeare in a new way, with so many others failing at their attempt. With Kill Shakespeare I have a good sense of direction in the comic bringing in analytical side of my reading. I dig how this new adaptation relies on more violence. We always wanted the characters to stab the dude on the left; and now we get to see it happen. The characters are taking charge in their actions. The only thing I do miss is the soliloquies from our main characters. We don’t really get any reflection moments in this comic. These were always my favorite parts. Clearly, these characters don’t save face enough and don’t need a moment to tell of their deepest wishes, but still it would be cool if we heard some soliloquies being put into a comic form. Plus I just like saying that word.

Juliet is pretty much a badass in this issue. She gets the “hell yeah” out of all the readers, which is a great prize to win. She doesn’t get the cheering section from her other mates though. They despise her actions in this issue. What she did will for sure have some consequences on her and Hamlet. Shakespeare is pissed too, and since he created you and can easily change everything you are I wouldn’t piss him off again.

KShakes_v5_05-pr-1I think my favorite character in all this is Shakespeare. He is such a rad dude. Obviously, they had to make him cool because any nut with a brain respects this dude. He really does have some trickery which any good god should have. His cleverness is what gives the title of favorite. I like how the characters have an interaction with their creator. It makes you think of a Joan Osborne song but hey at least it gets you thinking.

I am interested to see where the next Kill Shakespeare takes us. The comic sort of alludes to the fact that they may bring in a new villain. Then when I reread the last couple of pages I think Miranda was referring to herself. With them already playing out Richard, Lady Macbeth, and Prospero it is hard to say who they could bring in that would be bigger than these three names. Maybe Caesar or Brutus? My vote is still for Lady Macbeth. Bring her back! Bring her back! She should just be the over laying villain at all times. I think she may have been Shakespeare’s most villainous character. I still get chills thinking about when she sees the blood on her hands. Oh man.

Score: 4/5

Writers: Conor McCreery and Anthony Del Col

Artist: Andy Belanger

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 8/28/13