Review: King: Flash Gordon #2

Issue 2 does not live up to the promise of issue 1.  The potential existed in issue 1 of a really great storyline that got cut short.  This is what it got cut short for.  Don’t get me wrong it’s an entirely serviceable issue.  It kept me interested in the setting and the characters for another month but there’s just not a lot of meat on these bones. King - Flash Gordon #2The book centers on them escaping Ming.  My assumption was that we were going to ride this all the way to Ming before they make a daring escape out from under the Merciless One, perhaps after a failed coup attempt.  Then we could play on some of that angst of being so close to your target and having to retreat.  Instead what we get is a pretty wrote escape sequence.  What bothered me the most in the issue is that Dale asks two guards one question then there’s 2 page sequence where the same phrase is uttered 3 times.  We get some flashes of what that phrase can mean but it ultimately results in two, previously loyal guards, releasing Flash and crew and then sacrificing themselves for the benefit of Flash Gordon.  I didn’t get what happened.  I read it three times and I still didn’t really understand what happened or what caused the change.  It was jarring and brought me out of the book immediately.

I’m still into Flash Gordon as an idea though and I’m still looking forward to the next issue.  At this point King Dynamite has got me hooked into their whole Pulpy-verse.  I want to read every issue of every book they got in this universe just to see what they’re going to do next.  If you’re as interested in what’s going on as I am then this issue will do just fine to keep the story moving.  All things considered there are some great character moments, the team retains their compelling chemistry and the action is engaging.  It’s not a bad issue by any means with solid art and writing it just didn’t really pay off the way I wanted.  While it may not have paid off the way the way I wanted it did pay off in a sense so I can’t hate on it too much for that.  If you’re into the world King Dynamite is going for then check it out, if you’ve been on the fence then maintain your uncomfortable position until next month.

Score: 3/5

King - Flash Gordon #2 Writer: Ben Acker/Ben Blacker Artist: Lee Ferguson Colorist: Omi Remalante Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment Price: $3.99 Release Date: 3/11/15 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital