Review: Kiss Kids #2

The Kiss Kids are the child counterpart of their adult, rocking selves.  This comic features an assortment of stories showcasing those rambunctious little tykes getting into all sorts of madcap adventures. “Sure Know Something” sees the first day of school and some problems with the summer reading.  Don’t worry, The Demon has his book on how to make money, wink wink!  “Lonely is the Homework” features Spacey Ace relying on supernatural assistance to get his homework done.  “Great Expectations” finds the Demon overhearing the requests of his babysitter.  “Rock & Roll Hall of Fame” has the guys wondering what it’s like to get into the hallowed hall.  Feel the school time blues?  Then let “Science (Not) Fair” show you how the Kiss Kids deal with the school science fair.  “Shock Me” focuses on turning up the amp. And “Rowdy Roadies” will have you laughing as the guys deal with detention and bullies.

If you keep an eye out for the inside jokes and the nods to the adult rockers, you will get a kick out of this comic.  While not the most entertaining kids book out there, this one does have some spirit, spunk, and face paint.

Let the little rocker in you run free by spending some time with the Kiss Kids.


Score: 3/5

Writers: Chris Ryall and Tom Waltz Artist: Jose Holder Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $3.99 Release Date: 10/9/13