Review: Kiss Solo #4

George Peter John Criscuola.  You know him better as “The Catman,” the first drummer for the glamrock band Kiss.  In this last of the solo issues (hey, what about the other members?  Eric Carr deserves an ‘ish in memory for his drumming!), Criss’ Catman persona gets to, umm, purr. Caged, the Catman must endure the ceremony of an Incan-like people who want to sacrifice a beautiful woman.  And, yes, I am fighting the desire to use a feline themed double entendre, thank you.

Backstory: The Catman arrived at this time and place for some rest and relaxation with the native women.  Here’s where the book puts Dr. Love on hold and calls in Dr. Misogyny.  But this is Kiss, and if you know the band, you know you are in for some of that.

KissSolo04_cvrAWhen Mr. C. Man hunts, unseen warriors slaughter the village that had welcomed him.  The Elder pops up and zaps poor Catman with a neuter ray.  And that’s where we come back to the Cat in a cage and the babe on the slate.

Will Catman survive?  You will just have to check this issue to find out.

I had fun writing the preposterous plotline for the sake of this review.  Therefore, I am endorsing this comic book for the sheer, wanton wackiness inscribed in the pages.  While the “solo series” hasn’t been too terribly entertaining, this issue was just so out there that I respect it for taking a chance.  It’s a shame that this got good in the last issue.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Tom Waltz

Artist: Robert Castro

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 6/26/13