Review: Legenderry- A Steampunk Adventure #2

Bill Willingham, creator of Fables and Sergio Fernandez Davila unite to bring to us Legenderry, A Steampunk Adventure. You might catch some of your favorite Dynamite heroes such as Green Hornet or Vampirella in this series but with a steampunk twist.   I love all things steampunk, from the flying apparatuses to the intricate turn of the century wardrobe so picking this one up was a no brainer. Last month, we saw Magna Spadarossa seek the help of Vampirella and her company after being terrorized for investigating her sister’s disappearance.  In this issue Vampirella enlists Kato and Green Hornet to protect Miss Spadarossa from further attacks.  The chemistry between Kato and Green Hornet is so well thought out by Willingham and Davila.

Legenderry02-Cov-BenitezThe impressive brawl with Vampirella last month, is not the only the action you’ll be seeing. Panels of strategic fights scenes on top of a moving carriage are brilliantly fluid and visually pleasing.  Green Hornet and Kato are a debonair combination with the latest weaponized sky ships that keeps their enemies on their toes. Sadly, you don’t get much of Vampirella this time around but I hope we will be seeing more of her. She is such a BAMF, I’d love to see more print worthy fight scenes featuring her.

The grandiose world that Willingham and Davila create is detailed full of mechanical contraptions that add to the steampunk vibe. I can’t say enough how much I love the concept. Sometimes I notice that steampunk comics kind of skimp on storyline and clever dialogue so the whole focus is the style of illustrations but Willingham and Davila commit to every aspect to make this epic series. Only critique I have is that it seemed a little short or maybe I was totally captivated by it. Either way, I need  more of Legenderry.

I just want to shout out to Joe Benitez who did the main cover, if you haven’t seen his work look up Lady Mechanika. It’s one of my favorite series. Benitez’s work has been a gateway to the steampunk world for me. He creates such strong female characters and his art is absolutely beautiful. I am really happy to see him doing Legenderry.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Bill Willingham Artist: Sergio Fernandez Davila Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment Price: $3.99 Release Date: 2/12/14