Review: Lumberjanes #7

Lumberjanes #7 is out and finally we get some answers! The issue opens with a super-secret mission: the five friends of Roanoke Cabin plus camp counselor Jen and fellow Lumberjane Diane team up to break into Rosie’s cabin to steal the mysterious, magical crystal. Jen’s a nervous ball of pure panic, but she’s extremely useful, and keeps Rosie from spotting Ripley dangling on a rope from the ceiling. Rosie still can’t remember Jen’s name, and I’m curious to find out how many J names the writers can come up with before Rosie accidentally calls Jen by her actual name. Lumberjanes_007_coverAOnce they acquire the crystal, Diane combines it with the magical golden eye that Jo is still carrying around. What the hell, Jo? The dinosaurs weren’t enough for you? April is rightfully upset that Jo’s been keeping this information from them, but there isn’t much time to hash it out, as Diane is on a schedule. She’s not just a Lumberjane, she’s- surprise!- the Greek goddess Artemis, and she has to use the crystal/golden eye combo to claim power from her father Zeus before her twin brother Apollo can claim it for himself.

Was that a lot to process? I’d have to agree. We got a lot of answers in this issue, but we got them all at once, and it’s all a bit rushed and glossed over. Diane’s a Greek goddess posing as a Lumberjane? Apollo is the one possessing the boys’ camp? I need to sit down. Why is Zeus giving up power over the universe? We don’t know for certain whether Diane can be trusted, whether she’s told the whole truth, and- the biggest issue of all- what she’s planning to do with all this power. Power over the entire universe is kind of a big deal.

I’m with camp counselor Jen on this one; I have no problem believing that Diane is immortal or a supernatural being or whatever. But a Greek goddess? Hmm. It’s a bit suspicious.

Lumberjanes #7 ends with the power of friendship saving the day, but in the process one of the Roanoke Cabin girls has to sacrifice her “alive” status. She does it willingly, because friendship to the max, but it’s pretty terrible. Hopefully Diane is a generous supernatural type, and uses her new power over the universe to bring our friend back.

Score: 5/5

Writers: Noelle Stevenson and Grace Ellis Artist: Brooke Allen Publisher: BOOM!/BOOM Box Price: $3.99 Release Date: 10/15/14 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital