Review: Lumberjanes #8

Lumberjanes #8 concludes a seriously wild story arc in the only way Lumberjanes can: with a lot friendship, a bit of science and logic, and a smidge of Greek mythology. This series has been delightfully unique from the start, but #8 really takes the cake. When #7 ended, Jo had just been turned to stone. Awful and devastating, but when #8 picks up where we left off, it seems Jo is still alive. There’s hope yet! Diane promises to turn her back after the Lumberjanes help her figure out where and when her ceremony takes place. In case you forgot- Diane is actually the goddess Artemis, and during this ceremony she will have the chance to take over the power of the universe from her father, Zeus. That is, so long as her brother Apollo doesn’t get there first, and it seems that might yet happen, as he’s listening in while Jen figures out the time and location. Apollo and Artemis have a sibling slap-fight, and then poof away, leaving the Lumberjanes to deal with a group of possessed boy scouts.

Lumberjanes_008_coverAIn the end, the power of friendship manages to both knock out the boy scouts and bring Jo back from her stony fate. Jen reveals that she gave Apollo and Artemis the wrong location for the ceremony, and the Lumberjanes use this to their advantage; they’re already in place when the ceremony begins. Ripley takes Zeus’ power- you know, power over the universe, not meant for mortals… that kind of power. But if anyone were to take Zeus’ power, it might as well be Ripley, who uses it to correct all the things the gods had done to the camp, and promptly ensures no one can use that power ever again.

The story concludes with Zeus coming to pick up his badly behaving children; he’s in the form of a bull, and he can fly, and he’s wearing a tie. His kids are mortified, and it’s hilarious. Rosie shows up, and gets Jen’s name right! Was this all a big test the entire time? Will we ever really understand Rosie? Probably not. The Roanoke Cabin girls hug out their victory, and the story ends with friendship to the max, because how else could it possibly end?

This issue was absolutely ridiculous, but in a wonderful and entertaining way. We got a lot of answers, we got Jo back, and the power of friendship literally knocked a group of boys unconscious. Ripley’s moment with complete power over the universe was perfectly in character. Apollo and Artemis’ fights were extremely entertaining: they’re gods, but they’re also just squabbling siblings who only pause the fighting to agree that their dad is super embarrassing. This was a really fun read, and now that this arc is over, I’m looking forward to what else the creators come up with. This comic’s vibrant colors, quick quips, pop culture references, and emphasis on friendship above all else make a really fun, endearing read that is truly all-ages. #8 packed a lot into one issue, but it wasn’t overwhelming, and nothing was glossed over. The writers do well balancing the barrage of answers in the issue with the action that wraps it all up in a very neat- and colorful- bow.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Noelle Stevenson, Grace Ellis Artist: Brooke Allen Publisher: BOOM! Studios Price: $3.99 Release Date: 11/19/14 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital