Review: Magnus - Robot Fighter #1

First impression of Magnus was a good one. This is my first enter into the Magnus world, and I will say it was a tad weird at first. Magnus isn't a robot fighter at all in the beginning, but instead he lives a quiet life. Magnus is a teacher, and a pretty good one might I add, a karate teacher, a husband, and a soon to be father. He has the world at his fingertips. But he wishes that his small town family would know of the greater world. Don’t ever say shit like that! I mean that is happy life 101. Don’t ask for a change or it will change, and you will never be normal again! Geez. Anyway, the world he lives in is full humans and robots living in harmony. It feels like the robots aren’t just servants too. I can’t really tell, but on a rare occasion it seems they are loved. Of course all goes to shit when Magnus is chilling at the pond. 1A, who is a father figure to Magnus, but is a robot. 1A is almost like a servant/caretaker for Magnus. We know 1A took care of Magnus after his parents died, and that he is an informer too of his daily schedule. So I think this robot is a little bit of both. Magnus, after hearing an explosion, runs down to the town only to be taken away to a whole new world. His last encounter with his world included 1A giving him some wise words.

The next thing we know is that Magnus is just as confused as the reader. He enters a new world where it is filled more prevalently with robots. It fact, the whole town is full of them. He goes running around trying to find information and freaking’ out like any normal human being. The mystery has now begun...what is this place? And how does Magnus get home?

Magnus01-Cov-01011-HardmanTaking on robots is always tricky because it can get weird real fast. But I have to save that Dynamite has done a solid job with this first issue. The robots are creepy, but at the same time you do feel like they have feelings. I find it interesting that Magnus doesn’t trust any of them right off the bat in his new world. Hence him now becoming a fighter. It seems like he is prejudice against this race even though in the last scene he was all about them. He clearly knows something that we don’t.

This is one of those comics that you wish you had the prequel too. Like I really want to know how these robots came to be. Maybe while Magnus is in his new land we will find out. But honestly, I would love to flashback and see who made these robots, the new discoveries surrounding them, how they grew as a population, and how our acceptance of them came to be. Maybe we live in a sequel/prequel world with all these movies coming out from classics, but it would be fun to see the origins of it all.

Overall, it was refreshing remake comic that I dug. You can never go wrong with diving head first into the futuristic world. I would hope that the comic deals with some of these social issues while following Magnus.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Fred Van Lente Artist: Cory Smith Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment Price: $3.99 Release Date: 3/12/14