Review: Manifest Destiny #16

Manifest Destiny #16 is fantastic. Read it. Review over. But in case that doesn’t sate you, please read on about how this issue shines and constantly exhibits an inventive, original story told by a gifted writer and group of artists; all of whose contributions support one another’s on the page.

ManifestDestiny_16Fezrons you people eating monsters!! Finally we get a little backstory on these little poison bluebird-y devils, and it doesn’t disappoint. Let the odd creature parade continue I say, hopefully this won’t be the only fantasy creature we get such access to. And the little condescending shits look great on the page, just one of numerous examples of great color work throughout.

The story and characters remain fantastically consistent; from the snarky Fezrons, to Sacagawea’s stoic strength to the annoying malcontent, small-time character Jensen. This issue should be called Backstory, cause you get so much. And it all delivers. Fezrons aside (man I like typing that word), Sacagawea’s character is further established with a brilliant 4 pages. The meeting of her baby self and the imposing figure of Morning Fox is a prime example of every creative bit of this book working well in unison.

Even if you’re not super hero exhausted this book should be on your reading list. There are too many creative moving parts operating well together to ignore. The Fezrons are our first intimate look at the fantasy creatures of this imagined American frontier and are Blacksad adjacent in terms of expression of polish (that’s an enormous compliment, FYI). I’d recommend (again) that you should read this but I’ve already said it so many times.

Score: 5/5

Manifest Destiny #16 Writer: Chris Dingess Artist: Matthew Roberts Publisher: Image/Skybound Price: $3.99 Release Date: 8/19/15 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital