Review: Manifest Destiny #7

After last month’s story arc finale of Manifest Destiny, I was left in shock. During the arc, not once, but twice, I was brought up a really steep roller coaster type hill, only to have the “fall” be much less than desired.  It happened midway through the arc, which I kind of let slide. But with the finale… well that one just sealed it for me. I was pissed… really pissed. I don’t like being toyed with only to be let down so immensely. It just sucked, plain and simple. But with a new month comes a new story arc and as I opened the pages, I found my heart racing, hopeful that Charles Dingess and company could right the ship where they so dismissively smashed it into the rocks on the previous one.  Ironically, the expedition’s boat is a prominent figure in this issue and I am very much relieved to say that Dingess has returned to the basics of the “build up” that he used so excellently in all of the issues to date. Unfortunately, there is no completion to gauge how well he has done. But as far as “build ups” go, this one isn’t so bad.

Since the wrap up of issue six, seven finds our expedition a little further down the river and dealing with their new shipmates who were the remaining survivors of the La Charette settlement. Things are going as good as can be expected, but the crew is entering into a great unknown. The nice thing in this issue is that the great unknown starts off with the great known as they encounter something they have seen before already.  It ushers in an ill omen however that could spell for some doom for our party. We shall see.

ManifestDestiny07_CoverA copy 2As I have said, Charles Dingess has returned to his “build up” style of writing which is a strong point for him. He does a good job in conveying the varying diversity of our characters. And it is smoothly done, with a focus on everyone’s individualized tensions they are feeling as they enter the unknown. It works well as it has for the entire series. I am glad to see the return.

Matthew Roberts’ artwork continues to be first class with a bold look of character and color that utilizes the surrounding area to fill the space nicely. He does people great. And he does “other” things just as great. He has nailed the historical tone of boldness with an underside of darkness perfectly.

I was very pleased to see a return to the basics starting this issue, but I am still a little bit pissed off from the issue six debacle. Still, it was nice to ease up a bit here and return to the many things that I really liked about the first story arc.  I am still guarded though, and will be until I see how Dingess manages conflict in the new arc. It is my sincere hope that he knocks it out and dazzles me.  But, I will not know until I see it. This issue did help a lot in getting that bad taste out of my mouth from the last one however.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Charles Dingess Artist: Matthew Roberts Publisher: Image/Skybound Entertainment Price: $2.99 Release Date: 6/11/14 Format: Ongoing, Print/Digital