Review: Masks 2 #3

Masks 2 #3 sends us back in time to introduce us to Peter Cannon, who is the superhero Thunderbolt and The Black Bat. Last issue we had a Catwoman-alike, this time we have a knock-off Batman. Actually, according to a quick wiki search, both characters were created around the same time. Most of the issue revolves around Peter Cannon, who we get to see in action and then how he gets involved in the Red Death masquerade party. Masks # #3I quite like Thunderbolt and if any of his solo comics pass my way I'll definitely give them a read. He's got a bit of an Oliver Queen thing about him, he is suspected dead for some reason and uses his anonymity for vigilantism. One thing I really like is his butler or best-friend (it's not really explained) Tabu, I'm not sure what nationality he is but he wears a turban. I don't really understand Tabu, at first I thought he was a figment of Peters imagination, but at one point he books a hotel room for Peter, then later Peter mentions that no one else can see him (confusing).

This issue contains a lot of filler that doesn't give us any info on the characters or progress the main storyline. It makes me wonder how many other heroes I have to learn about before this really gets going. The art felt a lot more consistent this time. There is one dynamic panel that makes Thunderbolt look like Stretch Armstrong.

This issue was more entertaining than the last, but really doesn't advance the main storyline. Come on guys, next issue, let's get this party started for reals.

Score: 1/5

Masks 2 #3 Writer: Cullen Bunn Artist: Eman Casallos Colorist: Adriano Augusto Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment Price: $3.99 Release Date: 6/3/15 Format: Mini-Series; Print/Digital