Review: Mind the Gap #12

You just can’t trust anyone in here. I probably pick a new favorite character twice during one issue. Granted some people haven’t been deceiving others, but there will come a time. Eddie is looking more and more trustworthy. He holds more answer sthan he is willing to tell though. And we still have no idea why he wants Elle dead in order to stop the conspiracy. All in all I don’t think it is the characters which I trust that I love so much, it is the characters that are bad. The villain makes the comic. Without them there would be no threat. The threat revolves around Elle. So is Elle bad or did she find who was? That is what it all boils down to in the end. We just really have no idea what the motives are of her family is.

About the only thing we know about Jairus is that is named Jairus. And the only thing I know about Jairus from the bible is that he had a daughter that Jesus brought back to life. So what I am thinking is that Elle is trying to be brought back. And this coma was either put on by her in order to escape these results or maybe it is all part of the process. I think this comic is cool because giving you little clues as to naming the project Jairus gives the reader the chance to research and therefore solving something apart of the puzzle. I could be way off but naming something Jairus has something to do with the intentions. I am sure there are other clues that I am missing, but just catching one gives me hope that I will solve the case.

mindthegap12_coveraLast time we left Elle she was being split into minds that she exploded into multiple ghosts taking over all the comatose bodies at the hospital. She had left her coma world completely. She calls to all her friends and family from a variety of bodies; including an old woman and a young African American. Jo and Dane have no trouble believing Elle when she talks through a different body. It is quite creepy to me though. This is where Eddie comes in because he is so sweet when he goes to visit Elle in the hospital. He seems to have no bad intentions. Who knows.

Elle’s mother Min is absent from this issue besides a phone call, but that could have been Elle’s father as well. She is a true master of deception and I know where Eddie gets it from. We also get introduced to a new character, Constance. She is Edward’s secretary. And obviously is evil with tits. I don’t like her at all and by the way she was introduced I think that was the purpose. Which probably means she is a saint. Just don’t get attached to your first impressions when reading this.

Mind the Gap grabs you right away in this issue and we get a reveal of some major players coming along in this game. It takes you on this conspiracy ride and the person sitting next to you holds flowers in one hand and knife in the other. The brakes are broken so just sit back and enjoy watching it unfold.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Jim McCann

Artist: Sami Basri

Publisher: Image Comics

Price: $2.99

Release Date: 8/14/13