Review: Mind the Gap #13

Okay so right when I saw the cover of this comic my mind went crazy. I believe I recited “what the fuck” out loud when seeing a baby on the cover. I was excited to see what all this was about since in no way has this comic brought up baby drama. Yeah so I read the comic and then flipped through again and realized there is no baby in this damn issue. So we are all left with the same feeling; who the hell is this baby? And what does it have to do with this comic? Questions only give you a reason to keep on reading. Very clever. This issue goes through their story a little different here, but I love when stories take you back in time and then bring you back to the present. The two stories seem to be so obscured, but somehow it is managed to bring it all back to one ideal place. Mind the Gap did just that in this issue. We have barely had any flashbacks in this series, and for them to just whip it out so tastefully shows the skill put in here. We have yet to see Elle outside of her coma world, but the first flashback we get is of her before the accident. She has an encounter with her brother that leads to her coma. It is interesting to see how this all came about and for me vindicates Junior from some serious wrongdoing.

mindthegap13_coverAThe main flashbacks here aren’t of Elle though. We mostly follow a young boy during WW II. He is given research materials by his father that he must protect in order to continue the discoveries being made. We don’t know who this young man is until the end, but he clearly is at the center of Jairus. Then we move on to the present. Junior is still trying to find out all there is to know about Jairus and reveals some pretty hefty stories onto the gang. The team also gets an addition to their group which I am pretty stoked about. She will offer a lot of advice and will only be the forefront in finding Elle a way out of her coma.

Why I am so intrigued by this comic revolves around all the different characters involved. Having this flashback, which I hope continues, just adds more layers onto an aggressively interesting story. We get to see inside each character’s actions. It allows for us to get to know these people and find their motives. At the same time I think the writers of this story are only building up some of these characters in order to rip them away from us. This gives the reader a chance to ask themselves why they like and who they like. If I were you I would maybe keep a distance from trusting anyone...even yourself.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Jim McCann

Artists: Rodin Esquejo & Dan McDaid

Publisher: Image Comics

Price: $2.99

Release Date: 8/28/13