Review: Mind the Gap #15

Mind the Gap has brought back their original saying; everyone is a suspect and no one is innocent. It was the perfect timing too. This comic has one of those wow factors that makes you coming back for more. I can’t stress enough how these recent issues have made the mystery of Elle into one of the best mystery comics out there. The intertwining characters finally resolved when Edward and his gang formed against Elle’s mother and her gang. The line was drawn. I thought we would be discovering new things about Jairus, as well as, what Elle had to do with the project. Of course I jumped the gun prematurely. Mind the Gap brings in some very new elements that will twist the whole “I kind of know what is going” into “what the hell is going on?”

The story starts out with some beautiful art where we find Elle falling from her comatose world. The blank background and clear focus on her and the caterpillar make for some great imagery. You feel yourself falling through the introduction.

mind-the-gap15-covA-webSpoiler Warning!

Now the last couple of issue, we have been going back in the past to find out more about Jairus while still being in the present. I have loved these past stories so much; especially the day-dreamy art that immediately throws you in that memory feeling. We go back to the day that Elle was born. Obviously, there was something funky about her birth, and we finally discover that Elle died as a baby. Not just once but several times. She would die and then come back to life. No doctor could explain why this happen, nor did it ever become routine for the family to see Elle pass away. The story goes through her childhood and shows some inside knowledge into maybe why she does what she does.

In the present, Elle isn’t doing so hot in the hospital. The Edward gang decides that they must stop Elle’s mother, Min, from doing whatever she is planning on doing. They make up a plan which involves some cover up of medical files, and I believe them trying to take the body. So this should be interesting. Min wants nothing to do with Edward, so it is hard for him to keep an eye on Elle with Min blocking his every move.

This comic always delivers right at the end of every issue. It has become hard for me not to skip to the last page, because they usually leave us in wonder. Here was no exception. Like I said, Mind the Gap brings in a huge game changer that takes the flow of the comic into a different turn. Mind the Gap so gracefully gives the reader whiplash with how fast it brakes and switches gears. The sad thing about this issue is that we learn the comic is taking a break until December. Till then I will be waiting.

On a side note, Jim McCann takes the time to tell the reader his story and how he relates to Elle. I love when writers take the time to make some shout outs to people who have inspired their writing. That is sort of the whole deal with becoming a writer in my mind.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Jim McCann Artist: Rodin Esquejo & Dan McDaid Publisher: Image Comics Price: $2.99 Release Date: 10/2/13