Review: Mind the Gap #17

Mind the Gap how I have missed you. This is one of those comics that I hate to leave. Plus the story is so involved; it is hard to jump back in after such a long wait. But behold, the issue has done a recap to remind our memories of what Elle has gone through. The big news from last issue is that Elle has come back only to get taken away. Her parents as well as her friends have no idea where she went. Thus a third party is involved. Who the hell are these people? Your guess is as good as mine. But man opening this issue made my excitement for Mind the Gap rush all back to me. For this new installment, it read like a whole new story. With how Mind the Gap introduces their set of characters, I think that most could jump on with a tad research into the comic. Probably a good spot to jump onto since it read like another story. And for me, this comic is all about the story. Others rely on art or the subject, but this comic just has a great plot line. The plot flows nicely, and I never feel like I am being taken under to drown even though there seem to be many plot twist. So it never seems to bore me.

MindTheGap17_CoverA copy 2With our new opening, Elle is found in a trance-like state. She seems to not remember much and also is very jumpy to say the least. I would be too if some chick just woke me up from the dead. For some reason, Elle decides to trust this third party girl, Regan. She is seemingly harmless and explains to Elle how she is helping her to escape being an experiment as Regan once was. Again, I probably would trust anyone trying to get me away from Jairus, the experiment of which Elle is killed and brought back to life. Regan gives Elle a healthy home, but why it is so awkward is because Elle isn’t herself. I don’t care what this girl just woke up from, she would always ask for Junior or Jo. So I do think Regan may be bad and giving this girl drugs in order to keep her calm.

As for the rest of our crew, we don’t really see at all. Elle’s family is seen briefly but the most out of our two groups. They are always at the center of conflict. I think Elle probably knows how evil her parents are, well at least when she had her memories. I am curious to see if she will ever regain them again. As for her friends, they are here and there. They mostly show the crew sleeping and haven’t a rough time with that to say the least. They have no leads, but I am sure something will pop up. Especially with Junior still having somewhat of a close tie with his family.

Mind the Gap came back in a big way for me. Some comics can take these breaks while I forget all about them. Well I haven’t forgotten about this comic, and once you get hooked on this story, you will not forget as well.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Jim McCann Artist: Rodin Esquejo Publisher: Image Comics Price: $2.99 Release Date: 5/21/14 Format: Ongoing, Print/Digital