Review: Miniature Jesus #4

This issue opens with an Emerson quote about harmonizing out thoughts. No writer puts something into their book or comic unless they want it to be read and beyond that interrupted. Since this comic is hard to make sense of I think this quote fits into it perfectly. We see so many characters that are all so strange. It is hard to think how each one will overlap in the end. This quote brings a good harmony over the comic where some of us may have been loss. Even though we may not know yet the full function of everyone at least we know that they are there for a reason, and we will explore all angles to finally make a connection with all the characters. I praise this comic for its art. I love the solid blacks contrasting with the bright whites. There is barely any gray which makes for some awesome shadowing effects. It sets the mood up for some very real distinction. I could pick this comic out from anything. That says a lot with so many artists. Along with the two colors the comic has such strong lines; it must hurt to draw this comic in its entirety. There aren’t many words in this comic so you have to pause and capture every piece drawn. I could go on and on about this but just look at some of Miniature Jesus’ art and you will love it.

Miniature is a one of those comics that you will love or hate. Yes, the art is good but the story is something you have to enjoy in order to get this comic. Sometimes it is hard to sell these comics to the public but I thoroughly enjoy reading it. Like I said before there isn’t much talking and very little happens in each issue. It probably takes place over 30 minutes, maybe. The material as a whole offers a lot of different story lines and I like never knowing what will happen next.

minijesus04_cover copyChomsky is back to drinking again. We met up with him at a bar and after what happened last issue I would probably be taking some shots myself. I am confused if this is all a dream or not though. Chomsky seems himself but he is butt ass naked and his little shoulder friend seems to be controlling the show. I think he really is drinking though and him being naked is only proving that he is stripping away everything he is in order to drink again. Which is just brilliant work. Chomsky’s leaves the bar clothed now but still a mess.

Finally, in this issue, all the creatures, because I don’t know what the hell to call them, met up. Jesus and Chomsky’s relationship is hilarious even though Jesus doesn’t say a word. When you can play charades with Jesus it sounds like a fun day to me. The characters bounce off of each nicely considering they are all different; humans, cats, ghost, savor. I can still say I am interested to see where this comic goes. It has some very weird tones but the entertainment is there.

Score: 4/5

Writer/Artist/Creator: Ted McKeever

Publisher: Image and Shadowline Comics

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 8/7/13