Review: Miniature Jesus #5

Chomsky is getting some real messages from all around him. First, he has got his feline friend, who Chomsky seems to think represents the puss in him. Then we have got miniature Jesus. I think Chomsky is most fond of Jesus. I would have to agree. He seems to be welcoming, and although he doesn't say a lot you know when he does you better listen up. On top of all of that, God comes in a big way; a huge baby in the sky. I get that Ted McKeever’s work isn’t for everybody. He is strange, and I almost wonder his sanity when reading some of this comic. Then I step back and realize two things; 1. all the story is really about is an alcoholic trying to find his faith. 2. I like McKeever’s work. His insanity is what I dig the most. I found it odd that the cover for this issue was yellow instead of the typical black and white. I am a firm believer in authors never doing something unintentional with their stories. So maybe this is the start of a turning point for Chomsky. From the looks of it, his life is a haze, so I am hoping he is turning his life around. Like I said above, God comes down to talk to Chomsky, so that is a clear sign that we will see more of Chomsky changing face. All of the god-like things have some very cool reasons behind their motives. The cat is such a great voice for Chomsky. I am starting to think that this is Chomsky’s conscious talking to him. He is the voice of reason. God is pretty cool too. He isn’t overbearing with his words, but offers Chomsky time. Which I don't think he realizes is a blessing.  Maybe that is all God is; a keeper/giver of time.

minijesus05_coverI think it will take all three to really change Chomsky though. He is a stubborn man, and in order to really see who you are you need to have the will. That is why when Chomsky has his little devil friend on his shoulder, the dude could be helping Chomsky. The devil sees him for what he is; an alcoholic. But if he wants to see differently than the devil will only prove his point more.

Clearly, his comic has a lot to say. I think that is why I feel so happily lost at times. We all go through troubling times with faith. Whether it is in god or anything really. It is the two roads diverged in a yellow wood all over again. We must sacrifice something we think is important in order to get results.

Score: 4/5

Writer/Artist/Creator: Ted McKeever Publisher: Image and Shadowline Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 10/9/13