Review: Misty Circus (OGN)

Review by: Connor Russell There really is no correct format for comic books and graphic novels but there is a formula that people stick to. Misty Circus is one that changes that and goes back to the storybooks we used to read as kids. Pictures accompanied by the narrative on each page to tell the story.

After the death of his mother and his father abandoning him, Sasha runs away from the orphanage he was put into. He runs away into the forest and befriends a kitten by the name of Josh LeChat and together they join a mysterious circus by the name of Misty Circus. The ringmaster, Ludovico Dragomir sends them on a journey through a portal to the Age of Mystery, where they stumble upon witches performing a ritual. Josh goes missing and Sasha decides to search for him and along the way he gains a new friend.

Misty Circus CoverThis book was created, written and illustrated by the artist Victoria Frances (Favole), an artist I have seen before and I really like her work. This book is described as being an all-ages one which is a statement I do agree with. Kids these days like weird and dark and gothic and so do a lot of adults, even if it’s aimed at a younger audience; so all readers of this kind of stuff should be happy, no matter your age.

Now a book being done by an artist, what kind of review would this be if I didn't talk about the art? Her art is as amazing as ever, using paints and pencils, it all just looks exceptional. I quite often found myself losing myself in the art on the pages and forgetting to read the text. Everything has a sad and almost depressing look about it for example the eyes are always red, as though the character has just been crying. The art is very atmospheric with an almost overwhelming melancholy rise from the pages.

This is a book I enjoyed very much; I am one of those people who like this kind of storytelling with characters being sad and the world being weird. The art and the narrative melded together really well and brought forth something pretty cool. Even though this is an all-ages book it is something for a niche market. I reckon fans of Tim Burton or things along those lines will like this.

Score: 4/5

Writer/Artist/Creator: Victoria Frances

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Price: $14.99

Released: 6/5/2013