Review: Monster & Madman #2

Writer Steve Niles is taking us on a strange journey. It's a journey of "what ifs" that compares things that I don't know if anyone has ever pondered outside of maybe an intoxicated discussion here or there. Niles has taken those moments and created a comic that tries to answer the question of what would happen if Frankenstein's Monster met with Jack the Ripper. Thus far, we still are a little unsure as to how the meeting will play out. But in Issue #2 of Monster & Madman, things begin to flesh out so to speak that gives us some opening glimpses of what might just happen. Issue #1 focused more on Monster than Madman as we experienced the inner workings of Frankenstein's Monster. Issue #2 still follows mostly from Monster's point if view, but we get a heaping healthy dose of Madman and his interactions. Madman knows what Monster is and he is curious. He offers a deal to be allowed to study the Monster. And in exchange, he will try to make him a bride. Monster seems game, but this might just be a deal with the devil himself. Only time will tell.

MonsterMadman02_cvrNiles still continues in working a classical writing style similar to how Shelly wrote.  Loneliness is the big theme involved during this issue and watching The Ripper seize on that heartfelt emotion that so affects Monster.  Well I can say that I feel great sadness for our Monster. He doesn't know what we know and we feel a since of unease like we are in on the deception being portrayed. Even so, I know when I read through it, I still had a hope that maybe the Madman could be on the up and up. I guess we will find out soon.

Damien Worm's artistic renderings are about as dark and empty as can be imagined. It is a fitting tone however and he really brings out the loneliness theme that is all over this book. Worm is the star in this issue as the looks of anguish and desire are conveyed very powerfully with a touch if dread that makes your skin crawl.

From what I have read of Steve Niles' stories, be is real good at throwing the reader off balance. With only one issue remaining here, I am eagerly awaiting to see where things will go. Like the two characters themselves, the future is mysterious. We shall see.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Steve Niles Artist: Damien Worm Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $3.99 Release Date: 4/2/14 Format: Mini-Series – Print/Digital