Review: Mystery Girl #1

Trine Hampstead can solve any mystery. Ask her anything, and she’ll know the answer. She works as a street detective, with a little sidewalk set-up, and receives a fair amount of customers. She spends her days solving other people’s mysteries, but when it comes to her special talent and her own past, she doesn’t have a clue. As her tagline promises, all mysteries are already solved. Clients come to Trine with questions and get immediate answers. Some are more believing than others, but even skeptics become believers when Trine’s answers turn out true. Mysteries range from a dog’s lost squeaky toy to locating the body of a woman’s lost military husband. No matter how big or small the question, Trine has the answer.

Mystery-Girl-#1-1Trine’s one stipulation- “no questions asked”- requires that the clients refrain from asking about her qualifications. How does she know that? Don’t ask.

Mystery Girl promises an awesome, lively story. Trine is such a colorful character, and as such draws colorful people to her. The entire ensemble, from the unnamed cameos to her close friends, are completely unique and interesting in a genuine way. Even without the mystery surrounding Trine, she is a fascinating person. Everything from her fashion choices to her sidewalk stand to her pet bird is just spectacular. She is absolutely someone I want to get to know. When you throw in her special talent and the mystery of how she acquired it, you’ve got one awesome story.

All of that would be pretty solid on its own, but Mystery Girl takes it further with a couple more plotlines. First there’s the assassin fellow, who is pleasantly honest. With lines like “I shot you because I wanted to!” and “I just killed a man in that room, have a nice day!” this murderer is bad news, but at least he’s upfront and fairly cheerful. So yes, there’s a threat here, but it doesn’t darken the tone of the story.

And then there’s the mystery that finally gets Trine to leave her sidewalk stand: the mammoths. Trine’s stepping out of her comfort zone for what promises to be a grand ol’ time. There are mammoths involved, how could you not have fun?

Mystery Girl #1 was great from start to finish. The premise is solid, the characters are vibrant, and the story moves at just the right pace. This is a promising start to what is bound to be a wild ride.

Score: 4/5

Mystery Girl #1 Writer: Paul Tobin Artist: Alberto J. Alburquerque Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 12/2/15 Format: Mini-Series; Print/Digital