Review: Nailbiter #2

Serial killer stories can get old to some people, but Nailbiter is one of those stories I couldn’t put down. The story was entertaining through and through. It wasn't just an upfront serial killer. Instead pieces are thrown at you from all different angles. It is nice to have the reader involved with the process of finding the culprit. Honestly though it wasn’t even the point of the comic. It has a lot to say about serial killers, so stay around to see. The characters include a wide range of people, so my favorite part so far is getting introduced to all their quirks. Our alleged serial killer is Edward Charles Warren. His MO includes biting the victim's fingernails and then proceeding to chew the fingers before killing them. Man just thinking about someone pulling out my fingernails is bad enough. Anyway, Warren was found not guilty, but anybody who knows of the case knows this man is guilty. Clearly they didn’t have the evidence, because his list of counts went on and on. Now Warren is back in his hometown living the life. I mean everyone thinks he is psycho but it could be worse. Sheriff Crane keeps close ties with him though. These two clearly have some messed up relationship back when he wasn’t eating nails off of people. We then get to know Finch. He read as the main character in this issue, but I think they all hold their own title in that position. So Finch and Crane are partners at that moment to find Carroll, a missing person. Warren knows Carroll pretty well consider the dude is obsessed with this small town and all the serial killers coming out of it. Now that I summarized the plot, it doesn’t sound that exciting, but I can promise Nailbiter gives you all the intrigue a reader could need.

Plus I love the style of this comic. Mike Henderson has a clear sense of where each panel is going. The setting is perfect too. Buckaroo, Oregon sets up that small town feel with a big time story. Warren living in the country allows for the mystery behind this man to build even further. Also, the right type of gore level is there. I wasn’t too grossed out by the murder scenes or Warren butchering his meat, but just the stories made me cringe. I have only dove into this issue, but I like when I can enjoy a good murder without all the gore. Maybe that is just me.

Nailbiter02_Cover copy 2Warren will probably get more involved with the mystery as the series progresses. I don’t know what his motive will be and that will make it all better. By the end, he was accused of every mishap in the town, so I think the comic could say a lot about human judgement. Although Warren is very creepy. It is quite amazing how the comic can give him this attribute with such little appearance by him, but it did. I am already hooked on his character and want to know his past and present life. Once Crane and Fitch leave Warren is when the real action of the comic takes place. A fire has occurred and the readers don’t know who is responsible, but it could be anyone. Even people you saw before or during the fire. You’ll see how this works once you read it, so yeah pick up Nailbiter.

Joshua Williamson has created an awesome story for Image. For those who enjoy anything about serial killers can jump right on and love it, and those who think the serial killer role is overdone then I would maybe pass on the series or at least give one issue a try. It may surprise you how much this story has to say.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Joshua Williamson Artist: Mike Henderson Publisher: Image Comics Price: $2.99 Release Date: 6/4/14 Format: Ongoing, Print/Digital