Review: Nailbiter #6

What I love so much about this comic is Warren. I even love Warren and Crane’s relationship. Although very odd, it seems like these two have a crazy history and may have even dated. Now I don’t think these two will ever date again or even flirt for that matter. Crane has more sense than getting mixed up with Warren. She isn’t the obsessed with serial killer type. It would be just creepy, but after Warren saved Crane, I think it is safe to say that these two will work together and Crane could help Warren get out of his dark place. Something fuels him, and Crane could help him work this out. So even though I love Warren and Crane probably like most readers, the comic decided to focus on a completely different story this week. Nailbiter06_CoverWe follow Alice, who is writing a paper about Buckaroo and what it feels like living in this town. While she narrates the comic, we get to follow Alice and Mallory. The story is strange and it just keeps getting stranger throughout the comic. Mallory comes rushing in telling Alice of how she wants to have her ready-to-pop baby in Buckaroo. Mallory wants her daughter to be a serial killer, so she can be famous someday. Obviously this is just creepy and wrong, plus doesn’t she realize that most serial killers go after their parents first anyway. She wouldn’t even make it to be a celebrity. Alice goes to Crane to tell her of the story.

It is just a ridiculous kind of plot. The comic already has a crazy story of 16 serial killers coming from one town, so why throw us something else crazy to believe? I also don’t get what this story has to do with the overall mystery of Buckaroo. Maybe it will relate later, but they should have somehow given us a taste of how it fits in. The baby gets a cover, so I think giving the reader some insight into what this baby has to do with Buckaroo would have helped us to fit it all together.

Now just because I disliked this issue doesn’t mean I hate Nailbiter. You know I love it. I just wanted something more with Warren to happen. Last issue was filled with such intense action and unlikely compassion that I want more of that. Alice seems like a side character to me. Actually I probably wouldn’t have given her that title, so again I don’t see how Alice fits. I am willing to assume that she will have more storyline though. My biggest qualm is again with Mallory. Nailbiter is still one of my favorites. Having a missed issue with me is no big deal, I just hope we get back to Warren soon and his connection with all the other murderers.

Score: 2/5

Writer: Joshua Williamson Artist: Mike Henderson Publisher: Image Comics Price: $2.99 Release Date: 10/1/14 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital