Review: Nailbiter #7

So even though Brian Michael Bendis has given some good comics, the last I heard of him was with Age of Ultron, and we all know that series sucked. I was weary to read this issue even if he wasn’t writing it, just him being in it made me wondering where this comic was going this issue. But I dove right in without thinking too much about it since Nailbiter has been so good. Unfortunately once I started the issue, I couldn’t really think of anything else. Obviously all comics have those issues that just fill in the spots or moments of weakness. This was one of those issues. I will try not to be too hard though since most comics go through this. I will be honest though. That may be the same thing, but man screw it. So we start with Bendis arriving in Buckaroo to investigate the serial killers of the town for his new comic. The plot moves but nothing real happens.

Nailbiter-#7-11.5.14Bendis interviews a lot of the townspeople to get some ideas for his story. But the comic comes to a halt when we meet a new killer named the Whistler. Well actually we met his brother. The brother tells all about the story and makes me wonder why the comic didn’t just focus on his story instead of following Bendis. Then Warren shows up. And he is so unlike himself. He even gets nervous around Bendis being a huge fan. This isn’t like Warren, and contributed to me disagreeing to where this issue went.

Now with the real characters of the comic, Finch and Crane. They aren’t in the story all that much. But what we do know is that they are plotting something. Something that is behind the station's back. In one instance this is good because it seems like secrecy is going to bring more answer in this small town. But then again, I am worried that Finch or Crane or both of them could be the victims of this new mystery murderer.

All members end up in this cave where Bendis swears he is being chased and can hear a faint whistle in the background. Crane knows it is all an illusion, but clearly she is only being strong for him. Something is going on. I just can’t wait until we get there.

So again, I would hold off on Nailbiter this week and wait for the awesomeness of next month. I still do love this story, so I know it will pick up. I am wondering who is behind all this mayhem. I hope that we slowly get introduced to this killer, or maybe we already have. In that case, then I have no idea who it could be. We have met a lot of people, and in the pit of my stomach I want Warren to be a good guy. It just can’t be him. I guess in time we will find out.

Score: 2/5

Writer: Joshua Williamson Artist: Mike Henderson Publisher: Image Comics Price: $2.99 Release Date: 11/5/14 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital