Review: Nailbiter #8

I don’t know how I feel about Nailbiter this week. It wasn’t that it was different from any other issue, it was that it was just all the same. I think that is why Nailbiter becomes a good read but not great. The story has become predictable. Having a story become predictable isn’t horrible, but continuing the story in this fashion will eventually lead to an overall wishy-washy plot. I want to love this series, but I think most readers would agree that Nailbiter is moving without really going anywhere. My one big change about this series would be that it was a mini-series, we then could be punched in the face every single issue instead of having those ups and downs. Nailbiter-#8-1We first follow Crane who with her new-found friend, which adds nothing to the story. This girl is so random and seems like more of a bother than an actual character. Crane runs into some characters we have seen from the past such as Reverend Fairgold. Remember his son was murdered and Crane has yet to solve that case. If you don’t remember this character then I am in the same boat as you. The comic had to remind me that I had seen this character before with the writer’s note. So just the fact that I am not keeping up with every detail indicates that the battle is lost.

Then we dive into Finch, by far the more interesting story of the comic, but the most predictable. He is investigating Carroll’s attack and obviously trying to find out what secret Carroll got attacked for. He goes out to find a bee farmer who from the start seems suspicious. Finch knows Carroll talked to this man, but he denies it through and through. Of course Finch tricks him into talking which proves that this beekeeper is a total moron and seems very lackluster. Finally the truth is revealed but again only part of the truth that will just add to the many other questions Finch and Crane have yet to answer.

It all just seems to be moving in the wrong direction. I want this comic to come out and prove that it can give a surprising twist with answering some questions but leaving some open ended. With these last two issues, I am starting to fade out of this series, so Nailbiter keep me hanging on!

Score: 2/5

Writer: Joshua Williamson Artist: Mike Henderson Publisher: Image Comics Price: $2.99 Release Date: 12/3/14 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital