Review: Naked Powers #1

Let the record show that writer and artist D. McGill has perfected his drawing of the female nude form. There is no doubt in my mind that through practice and persistence, his art is realistic and impressive. Having said that, I have just read through his origin story of Naked Powers and I am not quite sure what or how to feel about it. Make no mistake; this is definitely an adult’s only tale. I believe that naked women may be on every page in one shape or form.  As I said, D. McGill has perfected the nude female image and he lets the reader know this fact with persistence and diligence.  Behind all the flesh however, there is an actual story. And that story shows some promise.  That is, if you can dodge all of the imagery and actually read the story. I’m not quite sure what McGill is trying to achieve, but I believe that the visuals may overtake the story throughout.

The simple story follows a chemical exposure that occurs in a small suburban neighborhood outside of a large company known as International Chemical Solutions. This particular neighborhood (called Marie Curie Close) is home to many of the employees of said company and their families. Anyway, an exposure and decontamination process occurs that the company people insure to exposed persons that everything is ok. They just have to strip down and stand in front of some radiation emitters. What happens after however is that four of the ladies of the neighborhood, begin to have strange things happen to them and some semblances of different powers begin to occur. The powers aren’t your traditional super powers, but one seems to be able to become a large “hulk” type. Others are a little more interesting in ability, but confusing as we are unsure how the abilities may best be applied.

Naked_Powers_1-1Now how does this play into the story? You ask. I have no idea, but someone seems to know exactly what is happening as the story reads like a dossier of the exposed persons that follows the four ladies’ comings and goings. There is also a surprise at the end that would solidify the notion of someone knowing, but no spoilers here.

What I can say of McGill’s story here is that it has potential, but it also has copious amounts of naked women strewn everywhere.  I don’t know if it knows what it wants to be yet.  A serious comic? Or a nudie romp? It probably will need to pick one in which I would vote for the former as this little mixture of Desperate Housewives meets Steven King’s Firestarter might actually be pretty good if it tones down some of the many images. Did I mention that McGill has perfected drawing the nude female form?

Issue two should begin to determine what this story wants to be. But as for #1, I believe that it is pretty good, but overshadowed by its art. I never thought I would hear myself say this, but there just might be too many naked women in this to be taken seriously. Man that sounded strange to say, but it’s true.

Score: 3/5

Writer/Artist/Creator: D. McGill Publisher:  Unload Comics Price: $2.99 Website