Review: Never Ending #2

Never Ending comes in huge this week for me. It was probably my favorite read of the week. Issue one was confusing as to where everything was going. Issue two, although still confusing as to what makes up the main points to this comic, was incredible. The story revolves around Charles, a superhero by luck who doesn’t age. His powers started in the 50s and we are now in the present day of 2036, so he was in his 20s probably in 1950. With all this time gone, he can’t seem to find a purpose in life. Charles is that tragic hero, and I have seen so many tragic heroes based around drugs or lost loved ones. Instead Never Ending brings in an outside factor of never aging. It is quite genius. Of course Charles has some lost loved ones too. His wife, Ellie, and son, Harrison, have both passed. The issue is very emotional but not too emotional. If you are looking for an action packed superhero, Never Ending is not your guy. If you are looking for something out of the normal with superheroes than pick this issue up. You will have no trouble jumping onto issue #2 as for the story is simple and takes you through flashbacks a lot. We learn some more about Ellie and Harrison, but we learn the most about Charles.

Never Ending #2 CoverWe follow him through some early struggles in his superhero career. I find it difficult to put myself in Charlie’s shoes sometimes when reading the comic. I have never had to deal with living forever, so I find it wise to add in the bits about Charles not valuing life. Obviously, that is one major theme being seen in the comic. How could you value life if it never ends? I think we will go on a discovery of just how Charles finds this value.

I think Archie will help Charles find his path for life as well. Archie is the arch-nemesis of Charles. He is this nerdy scientist determined to steal Charles’ power in order to live forever. The two have an odd relationship, because Charles usually lets Archie go a few rounds with him even though he could destroy the guy with one hit. Archie is a reflective character for Charles. He wants everything Charles has and Charles wants to be normal like Archie. It is all very dynamic. I love it.

The comic has lots to offer. It is a different look at the typical hero we keep seeing repeating in comics. The action is all internal and then dealt with externally. Way out of left field for superheroes. This issue ended with some twists that I didn’t expect. It leads me to wonder where the journey will go. As I said before, the Charles will have to find purpose but with the new predicament he is in, I wonder how that will turn out.

Score: 5/5

Writers: Adam P. Knave and DJ Kirkbride Artist: Robert Love Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 12/18/13