Review: Never Ending #3

Never Ending hones in on the struggles of being a superhero with their lead man, Chuck. It is actually quite intriguing to see what this hero goes through on a day-to-day basis. I keep thinking this comic will turn into something I have read before, but I have definitely not read something like this before. The book is like the behind the scenes adventure of our American Superhero. Chuck, a superhero who has lasted through the years never aging, comes to terms with his powers. Most superheroes have this overwhelming need to destroy things. Chuck on the other hand deals with depression throughout his life. He goes back and forth from saving his people to regretting his past time with wife and child. His son recently died, and now Chuck has kept distance from his son’s children. I don’t blame the guy though. Time means nothing to him and after losing his love, Ellie and then Harrison, he doesn’t want to get close.

Obviously the comic mimics Captain America’s story, but Cap always finds balance in fighting for his people or country. Chuck just accidentally got powers one day, and no one chooses for him to fight but himself. And now he has decided not to fight anymore. He gave up being the hero in order to just make the motions of everyday life with no meaning. You really have to feel sorry for this guy. This issue along with last month’s issue really focuses on his lowest points in life.

Never Ending #3 CoverChuck recalls his progression with Archie, and how he always viewed him as a friend. I really love how this comic talks about how Chuck’s powers affect everyone around him. At first, you think Archie is just some scientist, but really he is the root of evil. Chuck only wants to see Archie, the scientist, not Archie the evil-doer. I love how their relationship was building, and then on top of that I was sad to see how it ended. No wonder this dude is depressed.

My favorite part of this comic is the time jumping. When we normally think of jumping time, it usually revolves around some sci-fi elements and is the main plot point in the comic. Never Ending takes on this new concept on time and turns into something different. Although we jump back and forth between time periods, we should really be focusing on the happening, not the time. These moments in Chuck’s life are what define him as a human being. If we had unlimited time what would moments mean to us? Chuck is always searching, whether he admits it or not, to try to find this answer. I love taking this journey with him and couldn’t think of a better lead.

Never Ending has the perfect combination of superhero and raw emotions. The concept is something new but  don’t think this timeless piece will leave you in an endless cycle. The time has nothing to do with it. Instead it is relatable to life’s moments and how we count these moments.

Score: 4/5

Writers: Adam P. Knave and D.J. Kirkbride Artist: Robert Love Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 1/29/14