Review: Next Testament #10

Even though I loved the first issue of this series, #10 just blew me away with its art. Almost every page with God was a splash page, and I could have stared at it all day. Although God freaks me out in this series, it was still beautiful while still keeping that creepy undertone of his character. Haemi Jang gives his best with God. Even through the splash pages, we could still understand God’s feelings with a single look on his face. Jang gave us lots of emotion from God this week. Having such intense art gave the readers a chance to not only see it but feel it. Vladimir Popov really won me over with his coloring this week as well. With strong emotions, you need strong colors. It still amazes me how colors can give someone emotion, but Popov paired Jang’s art with ease. Even the events taking place with Tristan and Elspeth bring in some raw material that was much-needed for their story. Let’s talk about their story. These two have travelled a long ways to finally met up with a mother and daughter in hopes of finding some sort of solution to God and his vendetta. The library is what they have been searching for, but now they must find a book. From the beginning, I think most readers thought that there would have to be a more of dramatic way of taking down God and his almighty power. The answer couldn’t just lie in some book, could it? Well the way it unfolds is brilliant and once again makes you believe in the minds of the innocent. Tristan and Elspeth finally have an equally entertaining story as God.

NextTestament_10_cover copy 2God is around the world with all his built up anger trying to stop mankind. I am still surprised that Julian stood up to God, and I only hope that Tristan will know this if he lives. Julian was the most annoying character following God around like a puppy, but now he comes out strong although it was a little too late. God is building his plans all the while telling humans, well not directly, how pitiful they are and how unworthy they are. God wants to bring about this peace, but clearly he is insane. I think the readers and myself are still confused on what exactly his plan is and how he will go about it. I mean we know he wants to destroy the world, but how and will he rebuild? Will anyone live? We may never know these answers, but still I like to ask.

The whole comic flips between the two stories and brings very high anxiety. As one group tries to stop God, he is getting closer and closer. And I don’t think I have to say that the ending is so insane, but I will. You thought Clive Barker wasn’t going to go there or that it would be a huge cliffhanger, but he goes there. And now I am even more anxious to see what happens next. Barker and Miller have brought about one of my favorite comics. They manage to build up an ending in 10 issues thus far and still make the story highly engaging. That’s what great writers do.

Score: 5/5

Writers: Clive Barker and Mark Miller Artist: Haemi Jang Publisher: Boom Studios Price: $3.99 Release Date: 6/18/14 Format: Mini-Series, Print/Digital