Review: Next Testament #2

Have you ever just realized that everything you thought about a particular subject has just been shoved into a bottle and now is floating out to sea? That is me right now. Next Testament questions how I think God’s personality would compare to us. I always thought God would be nice or at least I wanted to think he would be because he scares me shitless. But he is an asshole. Julian, the guy who found God, throws a huge party in honor of Wick or God,  that is what he wants people to call him. Tristan, Julian’s son, and his woman, Elspeth attend the party even though the father and son just had a huge blowup when Julian disappeared to find God. Wick is the honored guest but everyone hates him. He meets everyone at the party and says exactly what is on his mind. Literally, he tells peoples’ secrets like it is nothing because Wick can obviously read into people. The crowd hates him but surprisingly no one leaves. Probably because the room is filled with rich snobs who just want to be seen.

NextTestament_02_preview_Page_1Clearly Tristan and Julian will explore their feelings for about each other. And I don’t know if the comic is purposefully doing this but it is a story about God with another story about a son and a father twisted in it. Seems like it is trying to compare something. There are so many father son stories in the bible, so I wouldn’t be surprised if their story reflects one of these. Elspeth will have a major role as well and her love for Tristan has to play a part since Wick notices it right away.

Ok and let me just put this out there, but did anyone get the gay vibe from Wick. One thing he almost kisses Julian. Don’t tell me you weren’t thinking the same thing. And this kiss didn’t look like a friendly encounter. Then instead of kissing him Wick whispers in Julian’s ear that he is ready for the Second Coming. I get it…I am a pervert, but really second coming? Did I miss the first coming? Is anyone getting where I am going with this or I am just that gross? Or maybe Wick gets off to resurrections. I am willing to give up this thought or continue it…either way it got me thinking about Wick having relationships while on earth. I think this dude just enjoys sex, no matter the partner.

I love this comic because it offers a new end of the world story. I don’t know what Wick’s true intentions are, but I think he is pissed at the humans and wants them to not follow his word, if his word becomes clear, but rather follow truth. Wick is the most honest character and if anything should tell you about his word it should be his actions. So I assuming that truth will be the key.

Score: 4/5

Writers: Clive Barker and Mark Miller

Artist: Haemi Jang

Publisher: Boom Studios

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 7/3/13