Review: Next Testament #4

How can you not just comment about how sick this cover is? Well it is sick. Haemi Jang brings the perfect colors and imagination into this series. I can’t get enough of his rainbow horror. It is hard to compare this issue with last month’s. I don’t think anything could get that good and just perfectly gory. Although it isn’t as much of an explosion, this issue hit right where it needed to. The issue picks up where it left off last time. I love how Next Testament is taking such a short amount of time in each issue. I touched on this last review, but I really dig the whole time thing here.

Tristan and his gal pal are about to crash on a plane ride. This is all orchestrated by God. Ok I am just going to throw this out there, but I kind of like this God figure. Clearly, he is mental, but he is so interesting. The way he words things after killing millions of people makes him look like the good guy. It is amazing, and I find myself sometimes captivated by his allure. Anyway, God has stop all aviation movement and then proceeds to take away phone function as well. Julian thinks it is best that he take God to Hollywood, since our world revolves around this heavily. God is disappointed to say the least. This is one of those times that I agree with him. His words flow so nicely and describe Hollywood perfectly. I don’t agree with his actions but at least he has strong motives.

NextTestament_04_preview_Page_1Tristan and Elspeth survive the crash. They are still trying to make their way to Providence in search of the library. They think this will hold the key to God. With their resources becoming low, I think the two may be a while in succeeding at this. I find it strange how invested these two are with each other and this God. First, the God just because he is so powerful that I feel like most people would try to hide if they knew the truth. Instead these two are on some sort of mission to destroy him. Secondly, each other because if I was Elspeth I would say peace out and be done with Tristan. His family issues are beyond incapable to handle.

It still is crazy how little this comic does in an issue, but the massive amount of things it has to say. I would love to pick Clive Barker’s brain on the comic and get some sort of insight to where we are heading. I guess I shouldn’t say where we are headed, because the people in this comic are headed for death. That I am certain, but how we get there is the real question.

Score: 4/5

Writers: Clive Barker and Mark Miller Artist: Haemi Jang Publisher: Boom Studios Price: $3.99 Release Date: 9/25/13