Review: Next Testament #6

This is one of those moments where you wonder how the author came up with this story. I would love to pick Clive Barker’s brain and see where the hell this God story came from. And don’t even ask me what the cover is all about, but somehow it is brilliant. My favorite part of the comic isn’t the art though; it is the quotes at the beginning of each issue. I have talked about this a little, but I really dig starting out chapters with quotes. So Barker’s way of opening the comic this way captures everything you are about to read with one line. This month’s quote comes from Teresa of Avila (yeah I had to google it). She is a Spanish saint and her quote about God still being on a journey just like us relates exactly to the comic. The God from Clive Barker’s world is crazy, but also is taking us on this crazy journey together. He now preaches to a crowd about himself. He allows the crowd to ask some questions too. Julian thinks this is a bad idea, which I am not sure exactly why. Maybe he thinks that the crowd will asked dumb questions and therefore be killed. Or maybe Julian thinks the crowd will somehow hurt God. I just can’t tell if Julian has any compassion left for his race.

NextTestament_06_rev_Page_1Tristan and Elspeth go through a lot when dealing with their handful of religious freaks. I really start to feel bad for this couple. Both are tested beyond what I think they are capable of handling. I thought maybe these two would come out being the same as when they went in, but no. They will for sure change into some sort of power or the most insignificant creature. God is already working his magic, and to me Tristan and Elspeth have felt that magic take them.

Honestly, God’s magic has taken me in this series as well. I love reading this issue and always save it for last when reviewing it. It is my treat at the end of the day. The comic is short and packs a powerful punch all about God and his beliefs. I find it cool too that God suddenly is naked in this issue revealing all of his colors. The art is just beautiful to look at. The way God is this encompassing color wheel and focal point of the comic is pretty cool. I think next issue will bring a lot together for the series as well. Tristan and Elspeth are eventually going to run into God and Julian. It will be entertaining to see how Tristan and Julian’s relationship will be when they see each other again. I hope this comes next issue, because the couple has been on the road a lot. It is time for them to come face to face.

Score: 4/5

Writers: Clive Barker and Mark Miller Artist: Haemi Jang Publisher: Boom Studios Price: $3.99 Release Date: 12/18/13