Review: Next Testament #8

I am going to come out and say it; this comic has lots of sex. Raunchy sex with tons of people and perfectly place objects. God brings his posse to France to indulge himself. He flies them to France, not like as in a plane, but picks them up and flies there. It is creepy. Plus the chick God has chosen is a whore. Sorry but she is. The more I read this comic, the more I think God isn’t God at all, but the devil. At first, I thought he was God, then some figure that is doing God wrong, but now I think he is the devil. It would all make sense, but maybe I am looking at it too religiously. Maybe he is just a man with magic that is living off of people’s beliefs. Wouldn’t be the first time. With Next Testament having to wrap up the mystery soon, I am more anxious than ever to find out this dude’s intentions. With saying that, #8 was probably the slowest issue I have read so far. The sex scene is pretty much the whole issue. We don’t really learn anything either. Again, the quote at the beginning gives away a lot about the intentions behind this month’s issue, so even though it was slow, I still loved it. How could you not love this story? Oh and even though I am not a fan of orgies in any medium, the art for it was gorgeous. The way God is centered and then the splash page of it all comes together to form something different. I don’t think Clive Barker put that object in shape for nothing.

NextTestament_08_coverJulian is still blindly following God, but this time I guess he has good reason, because he wants to get some. I still think he is pissed about the chick joining the two. He has some sort of draw to God and I think it is more than idolizing.

The other storyline around Tristan and Elspeth is developing slowly. They do have tons of action, but they are never going to get to their destination. But you know what they say it is the journey not the destination. Anyway, the couple have been through hell and back, so they deserve a break right. NO! They still get shit on. Barker and Miller have got to feel bad for these characters they wrote. I mean nothing has come easily this whole series. You keep thinking one of them is going to die. There is no way that they can both live, but honestly if they didn’t live what would be the point?

Although there are still huge questions to be answered, it is weird to think about what is happening in this world right now. Like how is everyone else reacting? Are there other couples like Tristan and Elspeth surviving? Is there some code that you would have had to live by in order to survive? Or is dying better? These are some questions that I don’t know if they will ever get answered, but I will do my best to answer them once the series is over.

We have four issues left, and I think all the readers can say that we are dying to see what happens. God has some big plans coming whether he knows what exactly those entail right now or not. He will be bringing something. The lovebirds must get to the library soon or else God may ruin everything. I sure hope their road trip is worth it.

Score: 4/5

Writers: Clive Barker and Mark Miller Artist: Haemi Jang Colorist: Vladimir Popov Publisher: Boom Studios Price: $3.99 Release Date: 4/9/14 Format: Mini-Series – Digital/Print