Review: Oddly Normal #4

I pretty much want to ditto want Nick has said so long about this series; it is awesome! With each issue comes a section of fan letters, and you can really tell that a lot of young girls have gotten into comics with this series alone. I love seeing that! We need more all ages comics that specially feature a girl main character. And Oddly is the perfect girl to admire. Oddly is half witch, so feeling left out on Earth is all part of the process, so she tells herself. But when she wishes her parents to disappear, everything falls apart. It is up to her and her Aunt to find her parents and undo the spell Oddly casts. The catch is that Oddly can’t do magic, so how did she cast a spell? There are many secrets in this series, and the Aunt knows some of what’s going on. Oddly blindly follows her Aunt to Fignation, the place from where her mother was born. Oddly seems to be wanting a change as she enters school she realizes she isn’t the weirdo she thinks.

Oddly-Normal-#4-12.17.14In issue #4, we find Oddly getting acquainted with her teachers and classmates. Menagerie Middle School is a typical school you would see today, besides for magic and unusual creature. But there are popular kids, bullies, dorks, and losers. She goes through a normal school day. This is exactly why I can see young kids liking this comic. All students have a hidden talent and I think Oddly hasn’t found hers yet. Instead she complains about being strange, but one day we all now she will come to love being different.

Otis Frampton really brings Oddly to life in Fignation but more importantly Fignation’s world, creatures, and overall attitude come alive. Frampton throws us a lot of different creatures that are equally awesome. I think my favorite is the little dude that burps really loud. See Frampton not only gives you a cute story, but he throws us a lot of little humor. It makes all ages laugh. Again, another reason why kids will like this comic. It is highly entertaining while still telling having a theme. So with an awesome story, a creative world, and a little girl trying to find magic, Oddly Normal couldn’t be more cool!

Score: 5/5

Writer/Artist/Creator: Otis Frampton Publisher: Image Comics Price: $2.99 Release Date: 12/17/14 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital