Review: Oddly Normal #5

Oddly takes an emotional turn in our latest installment. I was surprised at this turn because last issue, Oddly was starting to make some friends. Instead, I think her new found friends are still too shy to stick up for the new girl. Plus she is just so human-like that she sticks out more here than in the human world. So immediately we dive into her getting bullied with no one believing her side of the story. Ruckus and his sidekicks are behind it all. I guess they just don’t have anything better to do. I just hope she can run faster than his sidekick wolves can. Oddly-Normal-#5-2-5-15I really think Otis Frampton does an incredible job with the art in this series. I love how... well... odd Oddly looks yet so cute at the same time. But I do have to say that ever since being in this new world, I really wish Oddly would break out and dye her hair like a crazy green. She already has hints of green, but I think when the comic breaks out with her character, a new hairdo could be in the works. In this issue though, since the storyline takes a lonely dive, Frampton does a great job of showing how alone Oddly feels. It is the little things, like the muted colors or the day turning to night so quickly. It all added up to Oddly needing some friends to help her. Then at the intense moments, like when she enters the woods, Frampton shows some nice action between her and those furballs.

This brings me to the actual story. Every time I read a new comic, issue 5 usually slows down a bit. That is exactly what happened here. I still love the series and think it will pick up, but I wanted some more action than just watching Oddly go to detention. There are still some cute little moments with her that you can’t help but love. Like when Frampton piles up the “figures” next to Oddly after some laughter. What I think is missing most in her story is her parents. If my parents just disappeared because of me, even if I knew my mother was a witch, I would be freaking out. I would be spending every day after school looking for them. Maybe the story will turn around once Oddly makes some new friends, and maybe that is exactly what will happen, but having an issue with no mention felt weird to me.

Again even though this issue wasn’t as fun as the last four, I want to emphasize how much love this series should receive. Getting kids into comics is so important for their reading and then up top of it all having a female lead that is more “normal” than a lot of girls I see in comics is impressive.

Score: 2/5

Writer/Artist: Otis Frampton Colorist: Otis Frampton & Tracy Bailey Publisher: Image Comics Price: $2.99 Release Date: 2/4/15 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital