Review: Over The Garden Wall #1

Cartoon Network has this show called Over the Garden Wall, and Kaboom! has decided to put this delightful little show into a special comic, and man I am glad that they did! First this comic is just adorable. I love the tone of the story right off the bat. The author has a way of giving the audience some fun antidotes while telling a ridiculous story. It all seems to come together, and the inner-adventure kid comes out in all of us. OverTheGardenWall_coverALet’s first start with these characters and their funny antics. First we have Beatrice. She is a bird and unlike most animals, she is the leader of the group. She is leading the two kids to Adelaide of the Pasture. For what? I think to get these kids back to where they rightfully belong. See the story tells some things, but others are little mysteries that keep you guessing. Beatrice takes charge and knows exactly where this mystery woman lives, but the boys question her tactics and her sassy attitude.

Now we are to the two brothers. Greg, the younger and cuter of the two, is a handful. He is your typical boy always looking for answers and adventures. He reminds me Huckleberry Finn out in the open air. Greg unknowingly causes trouble, but it is hard to get mad at the little dude. He keeps Johnny by his side. Johnny is a bullfrog who doesn’t speak, yet still has a lot to say with his facial expressions. Wirt is the main character though. He is the eldest brother who continuously contemplates life and all its moments. It is quite hilarious hearing his thoughts. My favorite part is when he tells us of poetry and how no one likes it but the world is filled with it. He is deep. For some reason, Wirt is apathetic about the trip and can’t seem to get his mind off of Sara, S-A-R-A, no H. We never meet her, but by the looks of it, this dude is crushing pretty hard on this fair maiden.

Like a lot of Cartoon Network shows, I am not entirely sure what this plot is about, but the journey behind it all seems worth it in the end. The journey these three embark upon in this issue, involves soldiers fighting for the Commonwealth. If you aren’t with them, you are against them. So the group decides to tag along. Oh and the catch is, these soldiers ride across the plains in a giant hat. They are very odd men and again remind me of old literature, but this time think Don Quixote. The whole trip is a fiasco. I just love how this comic brought in a lot of old literature style to a newer audience. It was a fun read and shouldn’t just be a special, but hopefully a regular series.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Pat McHale Artist: Jim Campbell Publisher: BOOM!/KaBOOM Price: $3.99 Release Date: 11/5/14 Format: Print/Digital