Review: Planet of the Apes: Cataclysm #11

Pretty much all shit breaks loose in this issue. Seriously this comic must have taken some ex-lax. I was in-store for another average issue because the last couple haven’t been too exciting. Now I know why I stayed and it is for these issues. There are a lot of characters in this comic so I have to say that sometimes I get confused as to who did what. I wish they had a character bio each issue; instead I just keep my own to keep track. Every issue recaps the same way; telling us of how Ape City is in ruins and the religion that the apes follow. It ends with their most famous quote saying “apes don’t kill apes.” Clearly this statement was going to become a huge deal and it finally did in this issue.

APECAT_11_preview_Page_1Pin, the human, is severally injured from Ursus raiding their little religious talks with other apes. They were putting crazy ideas into peoples’ heads such as humans can speak and that they should have equal rights. Timon was leading these meetings and although his message was good he gave me the creeps. Anyway, Prisca decides to help Pin, but I don’t know who would survive a slit to the throat. Prisca hates Timon and hates even more that he preaches for Aleron ideals. She reveals how Timon really feels for his mentor and in doing so Timon’s success starts to unfold. Let’s just say he is a fraud, but it isn’t like Prisca is going to go around telling everyone this. She stays hidden for the most part.

Meanwhile, Marcus is pissed at Doctor Zaius for sending Ursus to raid the group. Zaius assures him it was the right move and now Marcus is even more pissed that his toes are being stepped on as a soldier. After this ordeal is when the comic breaks loose into utter chaos. A war is building between all monkeys and Zaius may have finally given up ruling his precious city.

Probably the biggest reveal yet happens in this issue, and there have already been some big reveals. I was happy to see it though because 1. I hate this guy, so I hope he is bad and 2. I was wondering where this plot point went and if it was just a weird phase. I would totally get this issue if you are a fan in anyway and have been lazy about reading this comic lately like me. It was worth it, and I am glad to see the comic picking up some action again.

Score: 4/5

Writers: Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman

Artist: Damian Coucheiro

Publisher: Boom Studios

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 7/10/13