Review: Planet of the Apes - Cataclysm #9

The issue starts us in the “Forbidden Zone.” We see an ape during the moon explosion bring a girl inside with him. They seem like lovers the way he touches her but who knows with this comic. Either way this is going to cause a whole other stir in the mix. Ape City has already fallen and divided not only by race but by ideas. Everyone thinks they can run Ape City better than Dr. Zaius…and well I have to agree. Dr. Zaius is bothering the crap out of me with his leadership. You know some apes just aren’t meant to be leaders.

Cornelius is in shambles over revealing what he saw in Painted Valley. I feel like this is one of those comics I need to go back and reread. Every issue I must take notes of because of the different characters. It is all overwhelming keeping track of these apes. This can be a good thing in a comic because it adds new elements to the story.

Zira and Prisca are still holding meetings trying to organize some sort of revolt. Most of the members want to set up a fight. Cornelius doesn’t want to start a fight and wants things to go back to normal. This is impossible. After this huge conflict resolves nothing will be the same again. Zira warns him of this but he seems to regret ever telling the group of Painted Valley. He is fickle, like a true politician. Dr. Zaius is outraged that Cornelius spoke of his trip and has decided to use force in order to get these apes back to work.  

I have a feeling that this comic will soon turn into a shit show where no one agrees on anything and they are all just fighting because they have so much anger built up. I can’t wait! Siena warns her husband that he should wait 24 hours before doing anything rash. This woman stops Zaius from all his bad plans. Every issue she warns him against his ideas. Stop it woman. Let this man fail to show Ape City he is a moron. Sorry, I just got real angry. I don’t think he will be in a leadership position for much longer anyway.

I never read a comic with so many layers. The story truly offers an inside look of chaos. No matter the species the story is still showing emotion at its highest level. Like I suggested, take notes though because waiting a month for the comic really makes you forget some of the characters and their past moments.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman

Artist: Damian Couceiro

Publisher: Boom Studios

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 5/1/13