Review: Planetoid #5

Does Silas finally leave the planet? Do all the life forms become lobotomized or do they prevail against the mechanized army of the Ono Mao? It’s a fight for survival coming to an end and who will survive.

Silas and Onica are running to lure the mechanized army to an ambush.  Right as they get in the field of view the catapult fires and takes out the first robot. Silas exclaims he isn’t ready for this fight, but has no choice and goes in with his bare hands. Right before Silas leaps into battle, Nkunda hands him a hammer and the battle officially begins.  After a fierce battle the Ono Mao send down a hologram to ask for the surrender and a fair trial if they do.  Silas commands to take the injured to the transport to buy the rest time. Onica is willing to fight to the end.  We pan out to see the heavy losses on that battle field on both sides but its painted red with blood. The second wave comes and the robots crush and rip heads off painting the field even redder. As Onica runs she notices Silas disappears. This little stall in insight leads to her capture and thrown into the prisoner transport.  She has lost hope now searching for people she knows Koma, Ebo and Nkunda. Ebo has disappeared into the vastness of the underworld Knunda is there trapped with Onica.

One of the survivors sees a ship launching away.  Its Silas finding a way to fly and pilot the ship, he activates his A.I. Ritcher to set a course.  Right before he sets course he looks down as he leaves the planet.  As the question goes thru his head “You too will have to ask yourself if what you have is something worth fighting for?”

This story is told very well from hope to despair and showing of character.  This is a good Sci-fi thriller that’s very enjoyable.  It pulls you in and keeps your attention. It also has uniqueness where the weapons are out of ordinary like hammers, wrenches and pliers. It’s very well thought out for being on a scavenger planet.

But the true part of this book is the art. It’s very creative with keeping the robots unique down to the weapon they yield. Some have guns others are power-houses, one even looks like a Swiss army knife.  Also the action comes to life when you see the frog creatures jumping on a robot to take them down.  The pan out to the full battle field panels you can feel the onslaught of battle and the losses on each side.

There is so much to this book and wraps the story up very well.  I went through it twice because I liked it so much and I picked up on more details the more I went through it. This last issue gave me the desire to go through the entire series from start to finish.  It shows the character journey that Silas goes through. Pick them all up if you find them all or at least this issue if you haven’t checked it out before since it does a great job of standing on its own.

Score: 5/5

Writer/Artist/Creator: Ken Garing Publisher: Image Comics Price: $2.99 Release: 3/27/2013