Review: Power Up #1

There is some pretty big hype around this comic...and rightfully so. Power Up is the beginning of the superhero group we have all been looking for. It’s bright, fun, and Boom! is the publisher. So yeah, it is that damn good. We first learn of a prophecy, which tells of four warriors joining together. The issue is definitely an introduction of these four warriors. They haven’t been formally introduced but what a hell of a team they are going to make. I love how Kate Leth isn’t giving us the typically superhero team. Not only do they not the fit the part physically but they don’t seem to fit at all. Some seem so sweet while others have this clear attitude. Our main character is Amie. She works at the local pet store and is constantly getting hassled by her boss for being late or just all around incompetent. You really just fall in love with this girl right away for obvious reasons. Leth gives her this I don’t give a shit attitude that every human being feels. Again, the issue mostly focuses on her and when she shows up for work one day, it will be a day she never forgets.

Power-Up-#1From there, we get introduced to other members. Kevin who works construction, loves hockey, and has an epic beard. It seems that he is hiding his powers from his close friends. Clearly from the cover, Kevin doesn’t have the cape, underwear over his tights, and the slicked back hair. He has a better outfit! Sandy is a mother with a typical mom hairdo and seems to be always cleaning up after her kids. And then there is the soon to be star of the comic, Silas. When Amie gets her powers so to speak, Silas is right there with her. He changes too. Oh and Silas is the goldfish on the cover, so he has that going for him. All of them aren’t content where they are at. I don’t know what brings them together, but it is clear they all want to do something more. I love the mixture of characters, and it is amazing how you can already see this group being formed. You can see their fights, interactions, and success moments. I have to give it to Leth for providing this strong characterization foreshadowing their relationships.

Then you have Matt Cummings on art. I love cute art, and Cummings art is just so freaking cute. There are bright colors which pop on every panel. Over exaggerated facial expressions which adds to the glorified superhero theme. And then there is some good action too. I loved the scene between Amie and that shadowy figure in a suit. There is a clear contrast between good and evil and also a definite call to action by this shadow dude.

Overall, I was impressed with this first issue. It was highly fun and although it may start off a little typical, the characters inside make this a totally new hero story. I can’t wait to see them all get together, but more importantly I can’t wait to see them in full uniform. It really gets you pumped for those superhero moments again!

Score: 5/5

Power Up #1 Writer: Kate Leth Artist: Matt Cummings Publisher: BOOM!/Boom Box Price: $3.99 Release Date: 7/22/15 Format: Mini-Series; Print/Digital