Review: Power Up #2

Power Up had such good start that it would be hard to put this mini-series down. With such a unique cast of characters, it is becoming one of my favorite superhero teams. The second issue doesn’t slack off at all, so everything compliment given in my first review will probably be amplified in this second review. We start with our main character, Amie, and her coming to the realization that seeing a crazy demon ghost thing could actually have been real, which it was btw. But nobody else was there to see it... well Silas was, but he is a fish. Probably isn’t the greatest comfort knowing that a fish is your only witness, but then again this is Amie we are talking about. She is a quirky girl and it is all the more reason to fall in love with her. Amie’s reaction to the whole event is great and is probably what any person would do under the circumstances, so I give kudos to Kate Leth for making Amie relatable. I talk about this a lot when writing reviews, but it is just so damn important to give your main character some spice but also to make them real. So although Amie carries her pet fish around with her, you still relate because you wish you could do that same.

PowerUp-#2-1What surprises me every single look through this comic though, is it’s so freaking cute. Matt Cummings can draw the hell out of cute characters. Every emotion is exaggerated but Cummings is one of very few artists that can give characters’ bug eyes and still get an “awwww” from their audience. And don’t even get me started on Silas. I mean any fish with that can look so cool fighting crime is a pretty cool fish in my book. And then he can put this husky construction man into a scandalous costume to chop aliens in half. Oh and make aliens being chopped in half look adorable too. Cummings has everything going for him in this comic. The list goes on and on.

Everything isn’t coming together for this comic because it was already there to begin with. The comic is incredibly funny with the dialogue between characters. Amie, being a little clueless, gives for great conversations between her and the other established heroes. And let’s not forget about Sandy who, Spoiler Alert, has a batmobile for the gang that consists of a mini-van. Then while Amie tries to discover her powers, the others are coming together to help her figure it out. The comic is just well balanced all around with its light banter. I can’t wait for issue #3, and soon fans will see why Power Up is growing so quickly. It will make you fall in the love superhero groups once again, and also make you want your very own goldfish hero!

Score: 4/5

Power Up #2 Writer: Kate Leth Artist: Matt Cummings Publisher: BOOM! Studios Price: $3.99 Release Date: 8/19/15 Format: Mini-Series; Print/Digital