Review: Power Up #3

It is really easy to fall in love with this comic. With its bright colors, funny characters, and superhero theme, you can’t go wrong. What makes it even more impressive is the added twist, like the heroes themselves. You have a soccer mom, a struggling woman (financially and every other way possible), a construction dude whose costume is a dress, and a fish. So to say it is just a new superhero group wouldn’t be the most accurate; it is new people that we don’t usually get to see take the spotlight. Then add on a bubbly personality that you can’t seem to avoid and you’ve got a hit. Especially with this third issue of Power Up, I think fans will eat this up. The comic opens up with some pretty hefty things. The group didn’t take long to form so now it is onto important matters, like picking a hero name. Oh and trying to save the world from these evil doers that look like Pokémon creatures. They are after something, and they are not being very polite about it. So naturally this group of misfits needs to step in and save the day.

Power-Up-#3The comic is playful. Actually, this whole review, and I can’t be the only one, should be read with a sarcastic undertone. Kate Leth gives us some clever dialogue. So I felt like last issue Kevin really shined, but now this week it is Sandy. I love how Leth is able to give each character their own spotlight when needed and not rely on one person or fish to carry the humor. It shows a diversity within each group member.

So yeah Sandy cracks me up this issue. She has this relationship with her kids that is totally passive but they still know who’s boss. She probably has the most to juggle with her kids, new found powers, husband, and batmobile to take every body home in. Yet she continues to do hard work with a smile on her face and a perfect bob haircut.

And once again, you have to give credit to Matt Cummings for giving Sandy her mom bod and do. Every character is definable and in battle the trio sequences make the big punch all that more epic. It got me excited again about those cliché slow motion moments in movies that just get you every time.

Power Up has certainly moved to the top of my list. It is sad to think that it is a mini-series. But nonetheless, if you need some fun in your life and need to unwind from a long day, I couldn’t picture anything better than some Power Up... and maybe some popcorn.

Score: 4/5

Power Up #3 Writer: Kate Leth Artist: Matt Cummings Publisher: BOOM! Studios Price: $3.99 Release Date: 9/23/15 Format: Mini-Series; Print/Digital