Review: Predator: Fire and Stone #2

The first few pages of this comic serve as backstory as to why the Predator misses an eye and hates the Engineers.  When we catch back up to the present, we find Galgo strung up and the Predator holding a gun to his head.  The human doesn’t want to return back to LV-223, but the Predator wants to get his mandibles on some Engineer skulls. Predator FaS #2 11.19.14When the Predator is involved, the human never wins.  So the two land down on the planet where Galgo gets laser shackled to the Predator.  After that, the two must work together in the wackiest duo since the 80s teamed up a cartoon dinosaur with Whoopi Goldberg.  The conclusion of the issue reveals an interested third party that will create havoc for the Predator and Galgo.

Williamson earns his pay in having the readers experience this book through the eyes of only a single human character.  Galgo is the go between for the plot.  While his over-analysis of events fills the pages with excessive dialogue, the story does progress at a good pace.

The two working together doesn’t come off as silly as I implied with my Theodore Rex reference, so don’t get anxious about enjoying this book.  For a Predator story, this comic does deliver a new adventure that does retain the logic of the alien hunter.

Best of all, the events in all of the Fire and Stone series are coordinating very well; the overall arc steadily builds to one great orchestrated movement assembling the three franchises into a breakneck space opera.

Score: 3/5 

Writer: Joshua Williamson Artist: Chris Mooneyham Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $3.50 Release Date: 11/19/14 Format: Mini-Series (2 of 4); Print/Digital