Review: Prometheus: Life and Death #1

Space marines can never seem to catch a break. Even when they’re the protagonists of a story and not just fodder for whatever alien will inevitably rip them apart, they still mostly get shit on. The Alien series is notorious for sending space soldiers to their untimely demise, and this new mini-series is no different. Taking place a year after Dark Horse’s latest foray into Prometheus universe, Life and Death picks up with a team of space marines investigating an ancient alien ship. If this sounds familiar to you, well, you’ve probably seen this scenario play out over and over in Alien movies and comics past. Despite its lack of originality, it’s always fun to explore Ridley Scott’s deep space horror, and this time is no different. After already dealing with a band of Predators, Captain Paget, and her crew now have even bigger challenges to face. With one crew remaining on their ship and the other still on board the Xenotech alien craft we all know how things are going to end. Not surprisingly communications are down, leaving both parties out of touch with one another (you’d think they would’ve figured Promethus-Life-and-Death-#1that technology out by now?). The crew begins to explore the ancient craft and finds a pod leaking some type of embryonic fluid. Without warning the pod bursts open and an Engineer (at least that’s what they’re called in the film) emerges. The marines try to stay calm and make contact but it doesn’t go so well and the Engineer smashes one of the soldier’s heads like a melon with his hands. Everything goes to shit, and the crew scatters in fear, and here we go again… A scared crew of marines on an alien vessel where said alien may or may not be hunting them.

The issue ends with the Xenotech craft blasting off into space, perhaps with the Engineer at the helm. Ever since 2012’s Prometheus film when Dr. Shaw launches off in search of the Engineer homeworld fans have wondered what happens next? So far this first issue was just action and very little plot. It’s possible that writer Dan Abnett could be taking us on a journey larger than Aliens or Predator, but if this first issue is any indication it seems unlikely. If you like the franchise, pick up this book for a fun read, otherwise, you’re better off buying some more original sci-fi comics.

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Prometheus: Life and Death #1
Writer: Dan Abnett
Artist: Andrea Mutti
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Price: $3.99
Release Date: 6/8/16
Format: Mini-Series; Print/Digital