Review: Protocol Orphans #3

Protocol Orphans has become one of the titles that I now anxiously await its appearance every month. The story, now in its third issue, runs at a white knuckle speed with action galore. But within that heavy action, a very advanced and interesting story intertwines with it. It is pure entertainment. Writer Michael Alan Nelson cranks the action right up from where it left off in issue two and he doesn’t stop. In fact, Nelson seems to have dropped even more bombs on the reader since the last issue and we have no idea as to how things are going to end up. Only thing that is known for sure is that action will ensue and these Orphans are quite complex characters painted on a tapestry of political intrigue and spy type peril. Its Robert Ludlum meets Oliver Twist. It’s just simply awesome storytelling and a very good release from the folks at Boom Studios.

ProtocolOrphans_03_rev_Page_1To tell you what is happening, I fear might give out too many spoilers as twists occur on every panel.  About all I can say is that the Orphans are real orphans who have been raised by government handlers and trained to be an elite force of espionage experts. They are maintained by “parents and grandparents” that tell them what to do and when to do it. The Orphans follow without question as that is how they are trained. Currently, they have been working to stop an immense terrorist threat in the form of Black Friday and much of the action in Issue #3 deals with that real threat. Of course, the plot moves around and lots of intensity takes place.

The artwork by Mariano Navarro continues to impress me on every page as his images emulate the action that occurs. It is not overdone and it works well with an additional expertly utilized splash of coloring that makes the pages jump out at you (Thank you, Gabriel Cassata). The many different looks of the characters are likewise drawn well covering all the Orphans in a full spectrum. I believe that Navarro’s use of facial close-ups dig into the essence of the characters quite interestingly.

The writing of Nelson continues to blend in superbly with Navarro’s artistry. This tandem of creators works similarly to a crack team of experts themselves, and I give Boom Studios credit for building this team on this title. They have me hooked in and it amazes me that this run is almost over. I can’t wait for the next issue and it is a hope of mine that we may see more of these Orphans in the future once this run is complete.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Michael Alan Nelson Artist: Mariano Navarro Publisher: Boom Studios Price: $3.99

Release Date:  1/8/14